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Landscaping Crossword Puzzle Week #3




1. A mineral that keeps grass green; “Fe” on the periodic table.

2. Layer of matted earth and grass. Also a term for artificial grass for sporting arenas.

3. A type of fine-leafed grass often found on a golf course.

4. Sticky earth. Some people use this to make pottery.

5. A lump of clay that is difficult to break apart. Rhymes with “sod”.

6. Edible plant used for flavoring. The first letter is silent.


7. Liquid absorption process of a plant. This is how their roots collect water from the soil.

8. A unit of land area that is traditionally 660 ft long by 66 feet wide.

9. A color pattern of leaves on a plant that contains multiple colors.

10. A water feature or fountain with a drilled stone serving as the centerpiece. In Wisconsin, this is the term they used to describe a drinking fountain.














1. Iron 2. Turf 3. Fescue 4. Clay 5. Clod 6. Herb 7. Osmosis 8. Acre 9. Variegation 10. Bubbler

Posted on April 15, 2022

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