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Landscape Work in the Winter


Landscaping is a far-reaching chore that takes year-round commitment.

The holidays are over, COVID is continuing its mighty roar, and you’re bored. An outside person by nature, you’re dreaming about the many changes you’d like to make to your landscape this spring. It’s frustrating to watch the snowfall and wait. But do you have to? No. Winter landscaping rocks! Depending somewhat on where you live, you can get a jump on spring. After all, spring only lasts a few months before summer starts, and playtime begins. Seriously, for many states, winter days below the freezing mark are not the norm. A lot of work can be completed when temperatures are above the freezing mark (I remember a neighbor mowing his lawn one warm January day; I don’t know exactly why, but you’ve got to admire his attitude).

Even when the ground is white, you can begin designing:

 Arbors
 Fencing
 Patios
 Ponds
 Retaining walls
 Sidewalks
 Sheds
 Walkways

Not only can you start on these projects yourself (be sure to check to see if you need a building permit, of course), but it’s a great time to contact a professional landscaper because it’s also their quiet time. You will have their undivided attention and may even snag an early-bird price. Consider, too, projects you didn’t complete last fall (because we like to play in the great fall weather, too):

 Add gravel to driveways and walkways
 Clean summer tools (lawnmowers, weed trimmers, pruners)
 Chop up that tree that came down unexpectedly
 Get that pile of junk hauled away
Gutter cleaning
 Fix the sprinkler
Remove leaves
 Plant bulbs for spring
 Prepare planters and porch boxes for annuals
 Pruning
 Wash siding and decks
 Window cleaning

Sure, some of these projects, like anything that includes using cement, need temps at least in the 40s, but chances are good you can get mulch hauled in, junked hauled out, and that pond dug. A head start on spring chores save time, effort, and stress. It may even save money if you need a professional.

Posted on January 6, 2021

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