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Is Gutter Cleaning Dangerous?


Throughout the seasons, leaves, sticks, insects, and other debris can accumulate in your gutters and downspouts, prohibiting the flow of rainwater and preventing them from performing their job.  As these items begin to build-up in your gutters, an overflow of water can occur causing your roof to collapse or lead to damage to the shingles of the roof and the exterior of the house.

It’s time to come up with a plan to clean out your gutters!  And while getting up on your roof and clearing your gutters yourself may be the financially responsible decision short term, the long term effects could be detrimental to your home and your safety!

As you start to think about cleaning your gutters yourself, it’s important to know that gutter cleaning can be a dangerous job due to the risk of falling off ladders and roofs.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 90,000 people receive emergency room treatment from ladder-related injuries every year.


The Dangers of Gutter Cleaningrainfall in gutters

Gutter cleaning is even treacherous for the average person with no prior knowledge of gutter cleaning. If done incorrectly, both the individual completing the job could get hurt and the house could become damaged.

Before you plan on cleaning your gutters yourself this year, it’s important to address the dangers of gutter cleaning and how common ladder accidents are!

Unstable Ladder

Ladders can break or become wobbly and unsafe due to the ladder being damaged or worn.   It is very easy to slip and fall due to a wobbly or slippery ladder.  A lot of ladder-related injuries could be prevented with the proper usage and inspection of equipment.  Using a safe and secure ladder will help you complete the job safely.

Incorrect Ladder Placement

The ladder must be placed on solid, level ground before climbing it.  Even a sturdy ladder can become faulty if placed on unsteady ground. Leaning too far to one side on a ladder can lead to a nasty accident.  It’s best to have someone passing you necessary tools and holding the ladder for a steady base.

Improper Accessories

The right equipment when cleaning your gutters makes all the difference. Wearing gloves, proper eyewear, and practical shoes when attempting to clean your gutters yourself will help you get the job done right.  Roofs can become slippery from mold, ice, rain, and many other unexpected items making a home on your roof.


Ladders and electricity do not mix.  Power lines often run close to houses. Ladders that come in contact with electrical wiring can be extremely dangerous. Carefully check the location of all overhead power lines before using a ladder.

Taking the proper safety precautions can lead to a successful gutter cleaning experience and increase home value. What is the easiest way to eliminate the dangers of gutter clean-up? Leaving it to the professionals who know how to safely deal with gutters and their maintenance.

When it comes to ensuring your safety, it’s best to trust the work of a professional to clean your gutters. Plowz & Mowz offers professional Gutter Clean-Up Services all year round. Don’t hesitate to avoid all injuries and call a professional to take care of all your gutter needs this year!


Posted on October 15, 2020

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