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How COVID-19 Is Transforming The Backyard Space


The coronavirus pandemic has left us stuck at home, and while some lockdowns are beginning to lift, most Americans are embracing their new quarantine life. During this time, new habits and lifestyles have been experimented with. And with the warm weather drawing people outside, experimenting with making your backyard a safe space for social distancing has been more apparent for homeowners. 

We asked Plowz & Mowz customers to share with us how they are using their time and backyard during quarantine, especially this summer as we do our best to get outside and maintain a socially distant space. Overall, we surveyed 100 of our customers across all 55 of our markets, and there were some trends that really stuck out to us! 

quarantine outdoor activities

With nearly all social gatherings and events being called off this summer, our customers have resorted to spending more time in the comfort of their own backyard. For many of us, getting outside and being one with nature is a key factor in maintaining a sense of normality. And that shows as 66.7% of our customers have spent more time in their backyard this summer compared to summer 2019. 

list of backyard activitiesAccording to the survey, our customers have used their time wisely during quarantine. Most customers have dedicated time in their backyard to barbeque and social distance with friends. Others have put together backyard games to entertain their kids, as parents can no longer send their kids to camps and day programs this summer. Some customers even took on projects in their backyards!

Creating and maintaining a home garden has been a popular activity that allows you to appreciate the simple pleasure of being outdoors and admiring your work.   These results show our customers have certainly been making the most of their backyards over the past few months!

It’s time our customers realize the value of their backyards.

make your backyard yard more appealing to the eyeAs our quarantine worlds begin to expand just past our back doors, it is important we create an atmosphere that we not only feel safe in but also enjoy spending time in. Although our customers are spending more time in their backyards, not all are pleased with the appearance of it. According to our survey, 71% of customers wished their backyard was more appealing to the eye. So, even with the extra time to get outside during the quarantine lockdown, most of our customers were unable to check off all their outdoor chores from the list.

Big or small, each backyard holds value and can be elevated with even the smallest adjustment or upgrade. However, it can be hard to know where to begin when redoing the backyard, and the expenses can add up quickly! 

list of improvements to your yardThere is always going to be some aspect of your yard or home that you wish could be improved. And it is easy to just say that you will deal with the eyesores in your backyard next year, but as you are spending more time in your backyard, the time for those improvements is now! From outdoor chores like yard clean up, fresh mulch, and greenery, Plowz & Mowz can help you with all of that. 

Plowz & Mowz is introducing a new service that will a major help for our customers when beginning the backyard upgrade- Gardening! Outside of lawn care, our mission is to create beautiful landscapes for all homes, while easing the burden of maintaining those landscapes, PLOWZ &MOWZ is introducing an hourly gardening service. Now, it’s easier than ever to quickly hire a professional gardener to install or maintain their flower beds or lawns. From weeding to pruning, our team can help with everything gardening! Beautiful flower beds can increase happiness, increase a home’s value, and cause your neighbors to turn green with envy and want to join in on all your backyard social distancing events!

Posted on August 18, 2020

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