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No. 1 To-Do for March: Hire a Lawn-Mowing Service


In most areas, lawn mowing gets busiest in April, so the last thing you want to have to do is hunt down a lawn-care professional on April 1 (there’s a reason it’s called April Fool’s Day). Most professional lawnmowers already have contracts in place by then, at least the best ones do.

Right now, seasoned professional lawnmowers are firming up their schedules, which can make it difficult to get a spot if you’re not already on the list. Yes, you can use Plowz & Mowz, even throughout the season for a cut when you need it, but if you’re looking for a consistent service that you don’t have to call each time (who needs something else to worry about?), sign a season-long contract. Yes, Plowz & Mowz can help there, too. But you still need to get that done now.

What’s the rush? There’s still snow on the ground in the north. Well, first, the most reliable, conscientious businesses will be full if you wait. Second, it’s not good for your lawn to have its first cut when it’s overly long. That leaves clumps of grass that look terrible or need to be cleaned up and, either way, it’s going to cost you more money.

Need another reason to get a contract and get it signed? Cost of gas. According to CNBC, gas prices are supposed to hit their highest in seven years this year and are predicted to stay that way for a while. You can lock in a price with a contract. You can’t do that with on-call services.

And don’t forget, LaNina is expected to stay in force through the Spring, which likely means a wet spring. That means more mows, as the grass grows quickly. Plus, while some commercial lawn mowing companies do mow in the rain—because they have to—it’s not ideal as it can damage the lawn and it does slow them down. What this means for you is don’t be an “add on” client who only gets done when there’s daylight left. These companies are going to be busy this year, especially with labor and equipment shortages (not just parts, the actual mowers, too).

If you’re figuring on doing it yourself, we hope you’ve already purchased that mower. Budget mowers pretty much sell out—and are not on sale—in March and April. Hint: Hire someone through a reliable company to do your lawn this year and then, if you’re still interested in DIY, look for a new mower in September and October, when the discounts are best. And when you can’t find time or are out of town, schedule a mow with Plowz and Mowz.

Posted on March 15, 2023

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