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Frequently Asked Questions About Drones


Drones are a great tool whether you’re an individual who travels and loves aerial videography, an agency, or work in real estate. Nowadays, drones offer complex and simple features to allow even the worst pilots to fly these nifty machines with absolute ease. Drones offer longer flying and battery time now than ever before, allowing someone to get a great shot of an incredible landscape or a moving panorama of a property that needs to be marketed effectively.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about drones in general, for use in various instances and industries:


What price range can I expect when purchasing or renting a drone?

While there are budget options out there for around $300, most people would be better off getting higher value by purchasing better quality drones with more capabilities. With most drones like this, you’re probably looking at a price range of about $900 to $1500, which is seriously cheap if you take into account what this money would’ve gotten you about six or seven years ago. If this drone is being used for more of a business/ agency purpose, a much higher quality drone, such as the DJI Inspire 2, would be roughly $3000. If you’re looking to rent, then just renting a decent value drone like the DJI Mavic pro would be about $80 a day. However, if you need a drone pilot’s services or drone photography, these prices are much more variable and would require further research into your local drone agencies or freelance pilots.


What’s the standard flying time for drones?

A reputable drone brand would have a flying time of over 15 minutes and maybe more depending on if you use a more industrial drone or a seriously battery efficient one.


What licenses do I need when flying a drone?

Most legalities involving drone use are based on state by state specifics. Although, as a general rule, if you’re the one flying the drone, an FAA license needs to be researched and most likely acquired. Usual expectancies are that you don’t fly over 400 feet, and you should not be within 5 miles of any airport, even small local airports.


What are the main events drones are used for in business?

Drones are brilliant devices as they offer a fantastic perspective and can be used and piloted in many different, creative ways. Drones are most commonly used for marketing real-estate, weddings, large events, shooting films, and individual use for travel videos or when capturing scenes of nature/ outdoor activities.


How high and fast can most drones fly?

As for some of the better DJI drones, you can expect drones to offer a sport mode feature and reach greater speeds of about 40 mph and an ascent speed of up to 16 feet per second. These devices really are getting better and better with innovation. These speeds allow any user to achieve a higher level of videography with the new acrobatic features drones now offer.


Posted on January 18, 2021

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