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Top 5 Winter Safety Tips


Things are have drastically changed this year, but there is one thing that is staying the same this winter.  The snow will be falling and we all know how brutal snow can be.  There is no predicting how many major winter storms your area will get or the amount of snow that will fall this year. And along with snow comes unbearable wind chill, drastic temperature drops, and dangerous snow and ice. slipping on ice

Winter Is On The Way

It doesn’t matter what you have planned, the snow is on its way.  As you try to get outside and escape the confines of your house, be careful. It’s important to be safe and aware of how dangerous ice and snow can be.  Serious, and even deadly, slip-and-fall injuries can be a product of ice and snow.

Common Winter Injuries

-Ankle strains and twists, and other kinds of muscle sprains and ligament strains

-Head or brain injuries, like concussions


-Broken bones, like hip or wrist fractures

-Back injuries, like spinal compression fractures

-Spinal cord injuries

Shoveling Snowshoveling snow

As heavy snow begins to pile up, many people dread the thought of clearing their driveway.  Ignoring this back-breaking task can mean icy, ankle-twisting ruts and serious slip-and-fall injuries.  According to a nationwide study, 11,500 emergency department visits are related to shoveling snow each year.  The amount of physical exertion required to shovel your driveway and sidewalk is a lot, no matter the size.

It is necessary to take all the proper percussions to avoid any and all of these slip and fall-related injuries.  However, even after taking all the necessary steps to avoid injuries, accidents can still happen.

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Winter Injuries

1. Wear proper footwear

2. Take short steps

3. Keep your hands free

4. Take your time, do not rush when outside completing chores.

5. Order Plowz & Mowz snow plowing and shoveling services from the comfort of your living room- all at the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet.



Posted on December 15, 2020

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