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Best Places to go Fishing near Syracuse University

Syracuse and the CNY area are home to some of the best fishing spots in the northeast. While there are plenty of great public fishing spots in Onondaga County, there's even more if you're willing to drive an hour for your next big catch.

Oneida Lake

Oneida Lake is a large, shallow lake northeast of Syracuse, NY. It's known nationally for it's Walleye and Bass fishing.

Otisco Lake

One of the best features about Otisco Lake is the causeway towards the southern end of the lake. This spot is great to fish off as it allows you to walk to the center of the lake to cast.

Erie Canal

The Erie canal is not one spot, but many. Located in fragments of it's former self, it's still a great fishing spot from Camillus on the west to Dewitt on the East and even further both directions.

Skaneatles Lake

One of the more popular lakes in the greater-Syracuse area, not only known for it's beautiful village, but also for multi-million dollar homes belonging to former SU coaches, celebrities, and of course, Adam Weitsman.

Green Lakes State Park

Green Lakes State Park is not only one of the best day-hiking spots in CNY, but the crystal clear water also makes for great fishing.

Sandy Pond

A favorite summer camp destination of many means you'll want to stay away from the hoards of noisy pontoon boats, however this inlet of Lake Ontario makes for some unique fishing.

Tully Lake

Another location well known for summer camps of the Syracuse locals, Tully Lake is more quiet than others, making it a peaceful fishing destination.

Jamesville Reservoir

A treasured swimming spot for many locals, Jamesville Reservoir can also be a great fishing spot, we just recommend you stay away from the swimming area.

Glacier Lake (Clark Reservation State Park)

Glacier lake is a beautiful gem located in the pristine Clark Reservation.

A few things to remember before you go fishing:

  1. Never trespass on private property to get to a fishing spot, only use public access or property you’ve received permission to access.
  2. Research your fishing spot(s) ahead of time so you know what to expect, and where the public access starts and ends.
  3. Be prepared – dress for the weather, bring a spare change of dry clothes/towels just in case, and bring everything you’ll need to fish and enjoy the day (bait, lures, rod, ice, snacks, etc.).
  4. Be aware of all NYS fishing regulations like catch limits, seasons, size & species restrictions. Net fishing is almost always illegal in NYS unless using it to secure your catch.
  5. In NYS you need to purchase a fishing license BEFORE you go fishing or you can get a $250 fine! Beware of scams and only purchase through a verified seller! You can purchase a 1-day, 7-day, or Annual ($5, $12, & $25 for NYS residents, $10, $28, & $50 for non-residents, some qualify for a free or reduced rate) fishing license on the NYS DECAL website here.
  6. Be safe and have fun! No one wants to spoil the fun with hypothermia or a hook in the leg, so remember to have fun responsibly.

Posted on April 4, 2023

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