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Using Drones In Real Estate


Drone video tours of properties offer brilliant marketing for living communities, part-time rentals, as well as pretty much any property. Agents can use cinematic reveals, orbits, and blast shots to help develop a compelling story. The variety and potential in drone usage alone are quite incredible, so naturally compared to old fashioned methods of marketing in real estate, drones offer a fantastic perspective from all angles in all sorts of ways, thereby helping both sides of the property transaction to both sell, and allow for the potential buyer to get a better, and often more hyped feel of their possible new home/ property.

Drones can take awesome aerial pictures, which provide a unique perspective for featuring a property. You can use drones for all sorts of real estate, including residential homes, resorts, land, and commercial properties. Current drone technology is rapidly developing, so drones are getting cheaper and better in quality and capability.


Key suggestions for using drones for real estate:


Keep yourself and any non-related subjects out of the pictures.

Use a drone with a gimbal camera.

Don’t capture any unnecessary shadows that intrude the shot.


Great storytelling is essential to getting more listings and selling more properties. Buyers want to know all about the home they’re about to buy, and sellers want to list their property with the best agents who have all of the trade’s latest tools. Simply by upgrading to using drones and utilizing them well, properties usually end up being sold for a higher price. There is a significant increase in deals being closed compared to the typical industry-standard.

If you’re a real estate professional and want to start using drones, it’s not as straight forward as buying a drone and operating it. To use drones for real estate, you need to be a commercially licensed drone pilot or remote pilot professionally. Licensing involves taking an FAA examination covering aviation topics ranging from airspace regulations to aviation physics. A local ordinance can even restrict where you can and can’t launch from in certain regions.

Privacy is also a concern when flying drones. Many people are nervous and skeptical about having drones flying around their neighborhood. People will be curious about your intentions with your drone. It is your responsibility to educate them on the rules and regulations politely. As long as you are operating professionally, you should be fine.

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is the drone that will best fit most property promotion needs. It’s portable and lightweight while still managing to pack in a half-inch sensor for high-quality images and video. Tons of automated features mean you can fly and get the pictures you want or shoot video, and the drone will avoid obstacles and track your subject on its own. This isn’t the only best model, there are other drone companies on the market, and some actually specifically cater to property promotion capabilities. In contrast, other DJI models are almost pocket size.

If you’re a real estate agent, company, or commercial property manager, there are also other methods of access to the wonderful competencies drones provide, such as renting drones directly, hiring a professional drone pilot, or using a drone/ property promotion agency that has specific resources and experience in this space that gives undeniable results and takes the time and resources cost away from the person in need of this service or product.


To explore this space more, check drone companies, agencies, and property promotion companies near you. The promotion of your property will surely reach new heights!


Posted on December 16, 2020

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