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Keep Your Dog’s Safety In Mind This Fall


Fall has arrived and this means all things fall fun from picking pumpkins to choosing Halloween costumes. This also means major changes to your yard.  Plants, insects, animals, and even unwanted chocolate candy wrappers from trick-or-treaters are making their way into our yards this season. So as dog owners, with this in mind, it is important to make sure our dogs are safe as they are the explorers of nature and their curiosity can sometimes lead them to harm.

If this season, you are looking to maintain your yard to keep your dog away from avoidable dangers, let’s explore specifically what to avoid and the many ways we can create a safe outdoor environment for our furry friends.

For those of you who live in some parts of Texas and throughout Florida towards the Tampa areas, then you may have heard of the Bufo Toads also known as Cane Toads. These toads are small yet harmful to both humans and their pets on contact. They contain a toxin called bufotoxin which acts as a defense against predators. When ingested, a dog may experience extreme urination, vomiting or head shaking. Additionally, these toads are known to lay their eggs in water. So, if you tend to keep a water bowl outside regularly for your dog, it is important to change that water as often as possible, or simply keep the water bowl inside only, along with your dog’s food to prevent toads from having access. While this is certainly a hazard to be mindful of year-round, it becomes even more of an issue in the autumn season.

Even if you aren’t dealing with toxic toads in your area, keeping a close watch of your dog makes all the difference when it comes to their playtime outdoors. This is especially important in the fall, as you may notice wild mushrooms growing in your yard, around your neighborhood and within the surrounding forests. While there are edible mushrooms that will not harm the body, there are also toxic ones that will. If your dog comes in contact with the wrong kind of mushroom, it can lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain, weakness and hallucinations. Dogs are innately curious and they will want to sniff, lick, or poke at the things that stick out to them. To help you have more control over how they explore the world, you can take them for walks rather than simply letting them run free in the backyard unsupervised. On your walk you’ll want to do your best to avoid areas where there are mushrooms. You can also inspect the mushrooms in your area to learn of the many strains that are specific to your location. You can go a step further and treat your yard of mushrooms entirely so that your pet has the ability to play safely. However, whether you treat the existing mushrooms or not, you’ll have to keep in mind that fungus likely still lives beneath the surface of your yard so you may notice new mushrooms sprout in the future.

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s important to remember that candies, especially chocolate, can bring harm to our furry friends. Chocolate has two chemicals, theobromine and caffeine, which can have a serious effect on dogs, with symptoms of severe vomiting, frequent urination and heart failure to name a few. Each of these can have a potentially fatal impact on your dog and to protect yourself against potential vet expenses, you may  consider if getting pet insurance is worth it. For many dog owners, summertime seems like the season that poses more risks to your pet and their outdoor activities. However, there’s never a bad time to look into pet insurance to help you protect your dog from anything that could come their way. With that, if your dogs’ health is ever compromised, it’s always good to contact a vet as soon as possible. All in all, remember this Halloween to check the yard for any candy wrappers or loose candy, before letting your dog run around. A clean yard is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is an environment that is safe for every member of the family.

With all the beauty and festivities fall has to offer, ensuring our dogs safety is so important to making the most of the season. With all of the possible risks on your dog’s health, it is always good to ensure that your yard is kept up. This will give you the peace of mind, knowing that you are taking the steps necessary to keep your pet safe. This fall, contact us for your lawn needs while you and your furry friend enjoy this season with all it has to offer!

Posted on October 12, 2022

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