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Cleveland Residents Could Have Saved Over $1,200 On Snow Plowing Last Season


Each year as you are faced with the decision between securing a snow plowing contract or paying for an on-demand plowing service, the answer should not be difficult. You usually have no clue what next winter will bring.  However, it can be helpful to think back to last year’s winter and let those trends guide your snow plowing decision for this year.

Will it be a mild winter again?

During the winter of 2019, snowfall was little to none in many places.  Last winter brought about mild temperatures and low snowfall across much of the United States. Historically, the 2019 winter was recorded as the second warmest winter the Northern Hemisphere has experienced since 1880. Clearly, there is really no way to know what this winter will bring, but what we do know is that you don’t want to be overpaying with a snowplowing contract this season. 

Evaluating Winter Expenses

As you begin to evaluate your expenses for the rest of the year, a snowplowing contract should not be something holding you back or causing you a headache every time you think about it.  Racking your brain and doing the math to make sure you will fully use the money tied up in your snowplowing contract is not necessary anymore. The answer this year is easy and that is on-demand snowplowing services like Plowz & Mowz!


The Average Price of a Snow Plowing Contract in Cleveland

When it comes down to it, you should to do your homework before choosing to settle with a snow plowing contract.  By going to the contract route, you pay no matter if the snow falls or not. 

You are betting on the weather with a contract.

Last you, Ohio residents lost that bet, and they lost big! With only 6 plowable storms last year, your contract likely cost you six-times what you should’ve paid for driveway snow removal.

Cleveland Customers Saved Hundreds Without a Seasonal Plow Contract Last Year

Last winter, the average Plowz & Mowz customer in Cleveland saved up over $1,200 by ordering our on-demand services. And the savings don’t stop there! Our team removes the time and hassle of searching for a trustworthy snow removal contractor in your area.  All Plowz & Mowz contractors are highly rated, licensed professionals covered by insurance.   All payments, tracking, and communication is made directly through our app. And if there are any issues, our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all questions regarding our services, orders, or payments.

If you are looking to avoid vague contract descriptions, hidden costs, and poor communication this winter, then Plowz & Mowz is the route to go! Plowz & Mowz Cleveland snow removal services are reliable, on-demand, and will get the job done right.


Posted on July 25, 2020

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