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Best Things To Do Before Moving into a New Home


Moving into a new house can be a real hassle, but also a very fulfilling and satisfying experience, especially if it’s your first home. There are many tasks associated with moving into a new home, however, there are certainly a handful that should be kept in focus, otherwise, if these aren’t prioritized, life can become much more of a hassle in the long term. Every new homeowner deserves to enjoy their new property stress-free and therefore it’s important to get these key tasks out the window as soon as possible.

First and foremost, security should always be a top priority, which is why sorting out some sort of alarm or home security system should be a must for any new homeowner, or at the very least, change the locks. There’s nothing like having the peace of mind after having made a large investment with valuable belongings and people within it. Many home security systems have phone functionality so features can be controlled through an app that makes life a lot more connected and easier.

This may be an obvious and more simplistic one, but changing your address is a must. Once you’ve moved into the new home you may be getting important documents delivered to your old address which is not the best situation, when you continue with work and may put off changing your address further, thus missing out on more critical deliveries.

Another top tip is to have either an inspector or yourself do a double check on things like leaks or other faults with your new (potential) home. After having a professional look at it, things should probably be okay, although, having that extra knowledge and peace of mind doing a double-check could be very valuable and may save some unwanted costs if some house faults are not incredibly obvious.

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are a vital part of any home. Both devices have the ability to save lives and carbon monoxide is a known silent killer, so having these alarms in place is incredibly important. There may also be unusual hallways or room arrangements, so the location and number of these around the house should be made adequate so that there can be optimal detection.

Major maintenance tasks should be tackled early and ideally before moving in. It’s much better to get these arduous and hefty jobs out the way to make your move in a nice and enjoyable experience. Once these maintenance jobs are dealt with, it will be great to move in knowing everything is functioning in tip-top condition and the next time you’d have to deal with this will hopefully be somewhere in the distant future.

Lastly, if your home has a yard or a garden it would be a good idea to sign up with an on-demand outdoor chores app. These apps basically allow anyone to have access to local landscaping professionals such as gardening, mowing, snow plowing, hedge trimming and lots more (It’s essentially like Uber for outdoor jobs). Having this service on hand will surely save any new homeowner the hassle of DIY and outdoor chores, which can take a huge chunk of anyone’s time. One of the best recommended by homeowners is the Plowz & Mowz app. They offer a wide range of fixed and custom jobs with the aim of helping new movers gain the best stress-free experience with their new property.

After important tasks are completed, it’s time to have fun! Enjoy the new property and the journey of owning a new home.

Posted on August 20, 2020

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