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Best Skiing slopes near Portland, Maine.


Portland, Maine’s charming seaside city, is more than simply a summertime getaway. When winter descends upon the area, skiers in and around Portland are spoiled with a multitude of choices for hitting the slopes and feeling the rush of winter sports. We’ll look at the top skiing locations close to Portland in this article, which includes both family-friendly resorts and difficult terrain for snowboarders and skiers to enjoy.

1. Shawnee Peak Ski Area

Located in Bridgton, less than an hour’s drive from Portland, Shawnee Peak Ski Area stands as a local gem for winter adventures. For skiers of all ability levels, Shawnee Peak offers a well-rounded skiing experience with 44 routes, terrain parks, and breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes and mountains. The resort is the perfect destination for a weekend escape or day vacation because of its close vicinity.

2. Sunday River Resort

Approximately two hours northwest of Portland, Sunday River Resort in Newry is one of the premier skiing destinations in New England. Boasting 135 trails, terrain parks, and eight interconnected peaks, Sunday River provides skiers and snowboarders with a vast and diverse range of experiences. The resort’s commitment to snowmaking ensures excellent conditions throughout the season.

3. Sugarloaf

About three hours north of Portland in Carrabassett Valley, Sugarloaf is the largest ski resort in Maine. With 162 trails, expansive terrain, and the second-highest vertical drop in the Eastern United States, Sugarloaf is a favorite among advanced skiers and snowboarders. The resort’s village atmosphere and range of amenities make it a destination for a complete winter getaway.

4. Lost Valley

Located in Auburn, just a short drive from Portland, Lost Valley is a local skiing gem. While smaller than some other resorts, Lost Valley offers 21 trails, terrain parks, and a welcoming atmosphere. The resort’s affordability and accessibility make it an excellent choice for families and beginners looking to enjoy a day on the slopes.

5. Black Mountain of Maine

Situated in Rumford, approximately an hour and a half northwest of Portland, Black Mountain of Maine offers a classic New England skiing experience. With 45 trails, terrain parks, and a variety of slopes, Black Mountain caters to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. The resort’s friendly atmosphere and dedication to community engagement make it a unique destination.


While Portland may be known for its coastal charm and seafood delights, the nearby skiing slopes provide residents and visitors with exciting opportunities to embrace the winter season. From the family-friendly atmosphere of Shawnee Peak to the premier experiences at Sunday River and Sugarloaf, there’s a skiing destination near Portland for every preference. So, gear up, embrace the winter wonderland, and get ready for an unforgettable skiing adventure just a short drive away!

Posted on November 15, 2023

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