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Best Gardening Tips For 5 Minute To 5 Hour Jobs


Most homeowners will probably have a yard, but a garden is something to appreciate. It’s something special that really brightens your house’s look or provides awesome utility to certain lifestyles. Gardens can go any direction, whether it’s a chill, beautiful area for meditation, a garden purely for growing all sorts of crops to eat, or a space filled with flowers, trimmed bushes, and trees. Even though gardens can go in all sorts of directions, there is one constant. There will always be some sort of vegetation, either edible or other vegetation such as flowers or hedges. Therefore, it’s critical to be on top of maintaining your garden. There are many great tips out there to help homeowners look after their gardens. Some take as quick as half an hour, and some require a weekend’s time investment.


Gardening Tips For 30 Minute Chores 

– Weed right after it has rained

– Plant bulbs in clusters

– Use any tools that may be useful to save time

– Find possible ways to almost automate your garden maintenance


Gardening Tips For 30 Minute JobsOne of the most common and fairly quick gardening maintenance tasks is weeding, which can easily take about 30 minutes depending on how bad the weeds are and how big the garden is. One of the most critical things is to make sure to get the roots every time. Otherwise, weeds will grow back. Also, make sure to weed after it rains because the soil will be loose and therefore easier to pull out weeds, especially with the right tools. Something that might take slightly longer but is well worth it is applying mulch properly, which will deprive weeds of what they need to thrive.

If you want to plant bulbs, this might be more of a task that can potentially take over an hour. One of the best tips for this is to know your bulbs and when to plant them, and what to do before planting them; otherwise, you may waste unnecessary time. Make sure to plant in clusters for greater visual impact and save time spreading it all over a wider area. There are also great products out there, like the Twist n’ Plant gardening auger, which will most likely save you time and get accurate depths for planting bulbs.


Gardening Tips For Chores That Take Over 2 Hours 

– Divide and conquer, get family and friends to get in on the action

– Know your stuff, so you don’t do anything the wrong way

– Outsource with on-demand garden care to save some time

– Make sure to have efficient and effective equipment

– Order anything like fertilizer or mulch online to save time


Gardening Tips For 2 Hour JobsIf you’re someone who has a whole weekend to maintain and look after your garden, there are some key things to make sure to do now and then other than the typical garden chores. It’s always good to test your soil and then, based on those results, take appropriate action, such as if your soil is high in phosphorous, you will look not to add any fertilizer with high levels of phosphorous. Mulch is also something that most would want to include in their weekend tasks at home. When applying mulch, it’s always good to apply barky or woody mulch, mainly around flower beds or trees. Light mulch material is much better for vegetable gardens where replanting is common.


There are many gardening tasks to do that take varying times, from 30 minutes to 5 hours or more. The best general tips that apply to all tasks would be first to divide and conquer, secondly to be organized, and third to research key practices on how to do things before doing them. If you have family or friends interested, save some time and get them in on the action. Furthermore, the more organized your tools and gardening equipment is set up for each task, the easier it will be, and less time will be wasted. Lastly, planting bulbs, vegetables, and fruits or fertilizing needs some knowledge beforehand, so nothing gets done wrong. As you can see, there are many ways to save time, do a great job, and have fun while gardening!

Posted on April 1, 2021

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