Spring is here and all the chores you put off in the fall are coming back to haunt you.  Most people think spring cleaning is just in regards to the inside of your home, however, the health of the outside of your home is just as important as the inside! It’s time to ready your lawn and landscaping for nicer weather and we’ve provided you with the ultimate check-list to do so.  Decide which items on this list need your attention and what areas you will need some assistance with!

Beautiful green grass backyard

Yard Clean Up

Removing the debris covering your lawn is a simple touch to help elevate your lawn’s appearance. Picking up twigs, branches, and any fallen tree limbs from a rough winter can be just that easy.

Leaf Removal

The snow has melted and now your left with the leaves you put off to be cleaned up from the fall.  Raking the dead leaves and removing them from your lawn is a time-consuming task but is necessary for that ideal lawn look.  The longer the leaves stay covering your lawn, the worse the damage and possibility of a fungal disease can be on your lawn.

Pet Waste Removal

A yard filled with dog poop is not how you want to start off the spring season.  One wrong step is going to be wishing you kept up on this cleanup over the last few months. Unless you want constant surprises, this chore is something you will have to keep on top of all year long.

Landscaped front yard of home

Trimming and Pruning

That overgrown yard look is not exactly ideal. A thorough pruning of overgrown branches, twigs, buds, or roots is a step in the right direction for your yard. Followed by a quick trimming of the hedges and bushes may be just what your yard needs to get that well-manicured look to promote healthy growth. 

Fresh Mulch

A new layer of mulch can be exactly what your yard needs to start looking its best.  Adding mulch to your garden or flower bed can help upgrade the look of your yard drastically.  Become familiar with the variety of mulch options and colors to make your yard and you happy.  

Lawn Care

Recurring lawn services are necessary to keep up with your fast-growing lawn.  It is necessary to keep on top of your lawn health and survey your lawn for any dark and/or trouble spots.  These areas will need the most attention moving forward.  

No matter the size of your yard, each of these activities could take you hours at a time to complete.  Plowz & Mowz landscaping professionals are ready to take these long overdue chores off your hands.  Everything from leaf removal, yard clean up, mulch laying,  pet waste removal, lawn care and much more.  All these different aspects of lawn care play a major part in making your lawn look its best.  Let Plowz & Mowz be the ones to assist with any and all of your outdoor chores.