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Do you have a weed problem?

You can pour boiling water over your weeds to get rid of them without harming the soil. There are a lot of ways to completely kill an areas plant and vegetation but boiling water seems to be a very effective way to just get rid of weeds in an isolated area.

If the weeds are taking over, consider a professional fertilizer treatment plan!

Do you want to get rid of anything growing in concrete cracks?

There are methods of killing vegetation in areas but its important to use these methods in only areas that you have no interest in growing in the future. So if you have cracks in your concrete or spaces between paving stones in your backyard that you don’t want anything growing, this tip may be for you. Sprinkling some salt in cracks can kill and prevent the growth of vegetation in the future.

Are you looking for an easy way to keep weeds away?

If you kill some weeds in an area and you plan to use a non living ground cover like gravel or some other decorative solution, you can use cheap trash bags or newspaper to prevent weeds from growing back. This easy solution is cheaper and easier then a weed spray you may have to reapply throughout the summer.

Mulch beds can help with weeds and improve your yard’s look at the same time! You can pick up mulch at your local home and garden store, or if you are not looking forward to getting dirty, hire a pro to deliver and install your mulch!

Do you have some unwanted pets or animals coming in to your yard?

Some people recommend using plastic forks to prevent animals from using your garden or yard as their litter box. An even nicer approach could be to gather some pinecones and spread them around areas you want to keep off limits to some of your neighbor’s pets.

Looking for a way to use something you have in your home as a natural insect repellant?

Although people love the smell of coffee, there are a few experts that say sprinkling coffee grounds in your garden can keep insects away. (Also, coffee grounds can act as a fertilizer that is totally natural!)

Have your clay pots seen better days?

Have you ever used vinegar to clean off anything in your kitchen? Turns out, vinegar can actually be used for many different cleaning uses. First try to rub off any dirt you can with a brush or towel. Then put them in a tub of 25% vinegar and 75% water. Soak for 30 minutes to an hour and see how much cleaner they are. Try washing off any extra dirt and if you need to you can soak it in the vinegar bath a little longer. Once you’re done with the vinegar bath, you need to soak them in water to get rid of any access vinegar still on the pots. For the final clean, you can use some soap and water.

Do you want to upkeep your backyard but are looking for ways to save a few bucks?

There are many ways to make your yard beautiful while saving some money along the way. First, whenever you are looking to buy something new, look around your yard or home to see if you could reuse something in a unique way. You can use a used milk jug as a watering pot for example. Also, a lot of tools and yard equipment can make a big dent in your wallet. Look for end of summer/fall sales for the following year. If you’d like to save space in your shed, you can also schedule a pro to help with all your outdoor projects! Stores are always making room for new seasonal items so it may be a good idea to invest a little bit early to stay ahead of future seasons. A few items that come to mind can range from salt, shovels and planting pots.

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