The Amazon Alexa skill for PLOWZ & MOWZ is here!

PLOWZ & MOWZ is already the easiest way to take control of your most burdensome outdoor home chores. Now, with the Alexa Echo device, it’s even easier! Order a local, professional landscaper to mow your lawn using only your voice!

What is Amazon’s Alexa?

Alexa is the name of Amazon’s voice activated artificial intelligence assistant. Using the Amazon Echo or the Echo Dot, you can control bluetooth enabled devices by asking Alexa to do certain things. This popular device has a growing number of apps, called “skills” added all the time, and now PLOWZ & MOWZ has their own!


Why use Amazon Alexa?

The benefits of using Amazon Alexa are centered around ease of use. These devices are like little personal assistants living right in your home. Now you can control the parts of your smart home with only your voice. With the proper equipment, also control everything from your living room lights to your thermometer.

Imagine saying “Hi Alexa, turn on my living room light,” and watching the room light up without lifting a finger. It’s even easier than using a smart phone in some cases! Amazon’s Alexa provides a lot of entertainment, as well. You can ask Alexa any questions, and she’ll probably come up with the answer! Alexa plays DJ, and takes music requests. Furthermore, connect wirelessly to your bluetooth speakers, and Alexa will control the party for you. Catch up on news in the morning, and ask Alexa how the weather’s going to be when you’re getting ready. The possibilities are endless!

How to use Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa devices activate when you say Alexa. While Alexa devices are smart on their own, you will need to add “skills” for some of your favorite apps. When you set-up your Alexa device, you will also download the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. Then you’ll download new skills to your device, which will allow you to give Alexa new commands.

First of all, download the PLOWZ & MOWZ skill on your Amazon Alexa app. Next you’ll be asked to link your PLOWZ & MOWZ account to your Echo device. Then say, “Alexa, ask plowz and mowz to mow my lawn.” Alexa will guide you through your order, and then you can continue relaxing!

How Amazon Alexa will help you mow your lawn

amazon alexa app lawn mow

By asking Alexa to have PLOWZ & MOWZ mow your lawn, you’ll be getting a professional lawn mow as soon as the next day. All of this without lifting a finger. Compare this process to getting some gasoline, taking the lawn mower out of the shed, filling the tank, hoping it starts, pushing the mower back and forth for over 30 minutes in the hot sun, and finally trying to shove the mower back in your shed. With Amazon Alexa and the PLOWZ & MOWZ skill, all you have to do is open your mouth and ask! Whether you are busy with work or kids, or if you just want to relax or take a vacation, PLOWZ & MOWZ will take care of your lawn.

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