5 Reasons Your Lawn Needs Regular Mowing

It’s summertime and that means it’s mowing season. Do you ever wonder why your lawn needs regularly mowing? Can’t you just let it go for a couple of weeks until you get back from vacation?

For the sake of your property, your yard needs regular lawn mowing. Here are five reasons:

  1. Curb appeal: A well-kept lawn makes your property’s value rise, keeps your neighbors happy and reduces crime in your neighborhood:
    • You’ll feel pride in your property when you see how neat and well-maintained your home looks after the lawn has been mowed on a regular basis.
    • Your neighbors don’t want to look at a weedy, overgrown lawn. Overgrown lawns encourage rodents and snakes to move in, as well as makes the entire community look unkempt and messy.
    • You’ll have a manicured look when you string trim your edges after mowing the lawn.
    • Your property looks cleaner because of picking up sticks, toys and trash before you mow.
    • Folks looking to rob a home may drive past yours if your yard is regularly mowed. They’ll see that your home is not empty because of the regular upkeep.
  2. Weed, insect and disease control: You’ll use less fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides if you regularly mow your lawn. Granted you need to use wise mowing practices, such as raising your blades to 2½”-3”, only taking a third of the grass blade off and making sure your mower blades are always sharp. These mowing practices will help your yard grass stay healthy, crowd out weeds, avoid fungal diseases and discourage insect infestation.
  3. Saving you money: Similar to number two, you’ll use less lawn care products to make your lawn looking mean and green. And you’ll be keeping some green in your wallet too.
  4. Your enjoyment and safety: A well-maintained lawn acts as a natural air conditioner by cooling surface temperatures. Lawns also filter out pollutants and debris from stormwater and provide you with a comfortable space to walk, sit and play. Additionally, kids have less injuries when there’s a natural carpet of grass to soften their falls—whether that’s coming down a slide, playing soccer or kickball.
  5. Recycle and feed the soil: Regularly mowed lawns also help the soil that houses and feeds grass. Matter of fact, you need good soil in order to sustain a healthy yard. Consider leaving grass clippings on your lawn—they don’t cause thatch (like folks used to think), adds up to 25% nitrogen to your soil and is mainly made up of water so it dissolves quickly into the ground.

It can be a real pain in the grass to constantly mow your lawn. You get busy with family vacations, meetings or your kids’ sporting events, preventing you from regularly mowing your lawn. At PLOWZ & MOWZ, you can order professional lawn mowing services with a tap on our app.

When you’re schedule your mowing appointment through us, you’re not trapped in a long-term contract either. Whether you’re a DIY’er who just got busy or a brand new homeowner who never used a lawn mower, we’re there for you. Our lawn care pros will come to your house to mow, blow and rake. And you come home from work to a well-groomed lawn. Download our app today.


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