Summer officially starts in only a few days. You’re probably excited. You’re not alone.

They might not be invited, but mosquitos often show up at barbecues, bonfires and just about any other outdoor, summer activity. It’s hard to keep those pesky insects away, but before you pile into the family car on your way to the store to stock up on harmful sprays and pungent candles, consider this… there are plants that NATURALLY repel the nasty bloodsuckers.

Here are 5:

  1. Rosemary– The herb may be most suited for our southern markets as it does well in hot and dry climates. If you don’t have anywhere to plant the woody-scented plant, or if you live in a cooler climate, it also does just fine planted in a container.
  2. Citronella Grass– Did you know this plant is the most commonly used natural ingredient in mosquito repellents?  The lemon-scented plant does well in most climates or in large containers, but is unable to withstand frost.
  3. Basil– All types of this herb are effective at keeping both mosquitos AND flies away. Keep this plant damp and give it a lot of sun in your garden or in a container and it will pay off big time.
  4. Lavender– Everyone loves the scent of lavender. Everyone except mosquitos. The tough, drought-hesitant plant needs a lot of sun and food drainage and does best in warmer climates.
  5. Catmint– A member of the mint family, the plants are easy to take care of and found to be two times more effective at repelling mosquitos than DEET.

Plants that Repel Mosquitos From Your Lawn

We hope you enjoy your summer! Keep some of these plants around if you want mosquitos to STAY AWAY. Plan more mosquito-free activities this summer by outsourcing your most burdensome exterior chore to the pros with Plowz and Mowz. 

SOURCE: Garden Design Magazine,

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