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Enjoy your backyard this year, with our Mosquito control service!

No one likes mosquitoes. No one. Especially not when you’re trying to relax at home in your yard. That’s why we’re proud to offer our on-demand Mosquito Control Service in your area. Eradicate your mosquito issue in as few as one visit, or set-up a monthly spraying with us for guaranteed results to tackle your mosquito problem all year long!

backyard mosquito control spraying services near you

About our Mosquito Control & Defense Services

By utilizing our special formula and state of the art equipment, we can eradicate your mosquito problem within 24 hours of your first treatment. Protect your yard, home, family, neighbors and pets this season from mosquitoes that can potentially transmit an array of harmful diseases with each bite. While there are some plants that naturally repel mosquitoes, we recommend a professional service for the best results.

Our professional mosquito specialists conduct a thorough inspection of your property to pinpoint areas where mosquitoes are or could potentially be thriving. You can schedule a one-time treatment or order a monthly mosquito control service for guaranteed results! To ensure you’re fully satisfied and safe, we’ll spray your lawn and yard again between monthly visits if you notice any issues with mosquitoes near your home.

Ready to Schedule your Mosquito Control Spraying Service?

rid your yard of mosquitoes this summer with our mosquito control spraying services near you

When you’re ready to tackle your mosquito infestation, Plowz and Mowz is here for you. Just like all our other exterior home services, you can schedule our services through our website or download our smartphone app for easy ordering! Are you ready today?

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