Whether you’re a new homeowner, prepping the house for the fall, or getting ready for the warm season, these 5 helpful Landscaping Tips will guide you through the process. Taking care of your lawn is not only important for your home aesthetic but also important to ensure healthy grass and plants (while making the neighbors jealous)!

1. Lawn Care: Mowing The Lawn

To keep your yard looking slick, start by simply mowing it. First, clear off any hard materials that can get in the way. Then, choose the right lawn mower, as this is important for the size of the lawn. If the lawn is small, you can get away with a push mower, but if the lawn is bigger, a larger mower such as a ride-along will allow you to get the job done faster. For homeowners that are too busy to cut their grass every week, Plowz & Mowz offers one-time lawn mowing service and reoccuring lawn mowing options once a week, every 10 days or every 14 days. Learn more about the lawn care app here.” Nothing is more appealing than freshly cut grass!

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2. Aeration & Overseeding the Lawn

Believe it or not, lawns need to breathe too! Aeration is important because it creates holes in the surface of the soil to allow more air flow. The best time to aerate the lawn is during the cooler seasons such as early spring or fall. The grass then allows an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide through the holes. When it rains, the holes will fill with natural resources and fertilizers, further nourishing your lawn. You will be thriving and so will your grass! Read more about this by following this link Plowz & Mowz.

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3. Mulching

Need to tidy up your garden and flower beds, or the edges of your yard? Mulch is the perfect candidate for spicing up the appearance of your yard, and there are many different types of mulch with varying textures, colors, and materials. You can measure how much mulch you need by cost of yard. You can also measure this by cubic feet, 1 cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet. The amount you need will differ on how deep you want to spread the mulch. You can purchase bags of mulch from outdoor stores or from local plant nurseries. The best time to lay mulch is around mid to late spring when the ground has warmed up, so call up one of our professional landscapers when the warm weather rolls around. Keep calm and mulch away!

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4. Pruning and Trimming: Trees, Shrubs, & Bushes

Do you have shrubs or plants that have overgrown their welcome? Time to keep them in line. Believe it or not, trimming and pruning your bushes can keep them healthy. Dead and dying branches leaves sap nutrients from the healthy parts of the plant, so getting rid of those pieces will help the healthy parts of the plant grow faster and better. This will also make your plants look much more appealing. You will feel great and your plants will look great!pruning and trimming a shrub

5. Fertilizing the lawn

Is your grass in a rut? If it is, it’s probably not all that healthy. Fertilizing your lawn can help remedy the situation. See, the three main ingredients your grass needs to thrive are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but different kinds of grass and soil need different amounts of those nutrients. So, you need to choose the fertilizer that has the correct amounts of these nutrients to fit your grass and soil type. Do some research on your lawn or ask one of our professional landscapers to assess your lawn and pick a fertilizer for you. By fertilizing your yard, you will not only help it grow stronger and thicker, but also prevent stubborn weeds from sprouting. You and your lawn will be the stars of the neighborhood!Fertilizing