12 Mind-Blowing Lawn Facts

Your lawn is amazing. We’re willing to bet you didn’t know a number of these facts about grass, lawn maintenance and your lawn!

1. There are three different types of grass

These three include Cyperaceae (Bullrushes, Sedges), Juncaceae (Rushes), and Poaceae (Grasses). While you’ll find all three types throughout the world, Poaceae is the grass typically found in yards in the United States. Remember this fact, and win your next grass themed trivia night!

2. Pink Flamingos are the most popular lawn decoration sold

Shops in the US sell around 250,000 of these pink lawn ornaments each year! Don Featherstone first designed these flamingos in 1957 and they rose to popularity in the 1980s. You can purchase a plastic pink flamingo for your lawn online, and they sell for around $15 a set. In addition to giving your lawn a little character, pink on green is a great color combo!


3. Grasslands make up over 20% of vegetation that covers Earth

Grasslands dominate both tropical and temperate areas. Types grasslands include prairies, savannas, steppes, and pampas. Grasslands can also be found on every continent in the world. Compared to trees, grass might not be the most popular ecological cause, but many scientists still work to preserve these areas!

4. Grass can be found in bread, whiskey, and beer

We commonly think of grass as only what’s in our yard, but wheat grass and barley are also types of grass. Breweries and bakers alike use the grains from these types of grass to produce some of our favorite products. Think about that while standing on your freshly mowed lawn with a beer in hand!


5. Grass is one of the oldest living organisms that humans have discovered

What’s older than grass? Not much according to scientists that found one species of grass of sea grass that dates back to 200,000 years ago. Researches know this species from the Mediterranean Sea to be one of the oldest organisms in the world, at least of the ones discovered so far!

6. Grass is essential to many sports, like golf, tennis, and cricket  

Tennis is home to the most expensive lawn in the world, and that’s the Centre Court at Wimbledon in England. Even though players only use this court during the two weeks in July when the championship is going on, the club spends a lot on lawn care. Compared to the All England Lawn Tennis Club, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a well maintained lawn. Instead, just use PLOWZ & MOWZ!


7. The average lawn has millions of grass plants

A lawn fills around six grass plants per square inch. Since the average lawn size is about one-fifth of an acre, this means there is over 1.2 million square inches in a yard and over seven million grass plants in that yard. Imagine how many grass plants there are on a golf course, where there is an average of 74 acres!

8. By using a push-mower you can actually burn calories

A 150-pound man can burn around 380 calories in 30 minutes! Since a Krispy Kreme donut is 350 calories, you can burn off breakfast with a quarter acre mow. If you’d rather take a trip to the gym to burn those calories off, let a professional landscaper take care of your lawn.  


9. Water makes up 75-80% of the weight in grass

Around 90% of the weight of grass comes from the roots. Also, the roots where most of the growth occurs. Due to this fact, grass continues to grow even after a cut. The roots are safe from a mow, so the grass keeps growing! The more you know, the more you grow!

10. In the summer about 238 gallons of water is used watering lawn per household.

About 66% of all water use in each household comes from watering the lawn. Depending on the weather during the summer, this number can vary. With lots of cloudy days, the amount of water per yard will be very low (around 10 gallons per yard). However, very hot and dry summers can cause lawns to use close to 125 gallons!

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11. Turfgrass can increase a home’s property value by around 15-20%

Homeowners spend a lot of money to install turf. Despite the initial cost, turf has the ability to increase your property value. In addition to higher property values, turf also requires low lawn maintenance. If you want the turf to increase your house value, then make sure to install the turf alongside a well-designed landscape.

12. About 65,000 people are hospitalized per year with lawn-mowing related injuries

People will injure themselves in various ways, including, lacerations, fractures, and burns. Scary stuff. Rather than taking a trip to the hospital, let your local, Pros at PLOWZ & MOWZ mow for you!

Treat your lawn like the wonder it is, let PLOWZ & MOWZ help with your lawn care!

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