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10 Spring Yard Clean up Services

While each company is different, there is a chockful of services you can count on when you hire a lawn maintenance business to spruce up your lawn and landscapes. Here are 10 spring yard clean up services your local lawn care company may perform: 1. Cleaning up and disposing of dog poop: What happens if you don’t own a dog, but the neighbor’s dog loves to go potty on your lawn? Don’t worry. Some lawn maintenance companies will perform this yucky job and dispose of it as well. 2. Take out the trash: Some people are rude and will throw trash out of their car windows or while they’re walking by your home. And their trash may have ended up in your yard over the winter. Windy days and trash collection don’t work well together either, and you may see trash on your property because of it. Most lawn maintenance companies will pick up trash and dispose of it as part of their yard clean up services. 3. Rake out leaf litter and other organic debris: Did you rake up all of your leaves last fall? Or was there a tree or two that didn’t let go of their leaves until late winter? Whatever the reason, winter storms can bring down limbs and leaves. A lawn care company will rake up this debris and compost it or bag it for you to put to the curb. 4. Clean out flower beds: Your flowerbeds and other landscaped areas need clean up too. Leaves, weeds, and sticks get embedded in the soil or even cover your flowerbeds. Your lawn care service will clean your beds so your flowers, shrubs and trees can breathe again. At the same time, your lawn service will divide and transplant perennials, as well as pull weeds and tree sprouts 5. Prune your trees and shrubs: Early spring is a great time to prune your trees and shrubs. If your lawn care company provides pruning services, make sure they use selective pruning. You don’t want anyone to top your trees! 6. Freshen up your flowerbeds’ mulch: There should only be two inches of mulch in your flowerbeds and under your trees and shrubs. So, the springtime is a great time for your professional lawn service to add a fresh mulch application. 7. Apply the first dose of fertilizer to your yard: After your yard is cleaned up, your lawn professional will apply the first fertilizer treatment of the season. Most lawn care companies offer package fertilizer deals. Consider signing up for one of these programs to keep your yard grass healthy from the roots upward. 8. Edge your lawns and flowerbeds: Create a boundary between your flowerbeds, landscapes, sidewalks and lawns. Professional edging creates clean lines that separate different parts of your yard and landscape. The result—a well-kept property with clean boundaries. 9. Apply pre-emergent weed control: After your property is cleaned up, depending on the weather, it’ll be time to get your spring pre-emergent weed control added to your lawn. 10. Give your lawn its first mow of the season: Your lawn care technician, depending on his service calendar, may also mow your grass as part of his yard clean up services. After your technician finishes, you’ll love your property’s manicured-look.

hire a local landscaping company online near you
hire a local landscaping company online near you

How PLOWZ & MOWZ Can Help You Find a Reputable Lawn Care Company

Plowz & Mowz knows that life can get busy. Your kids are in spring sports or you’re on vacation. And of course, the weather doesn’t cooperate when you finally have a free weekend to clean up your yard. Now you can find a reputable lawn maintenance company through PLOWZ & MOWZ yard clean up app with a couple of taps on your mobile device. This on-demand app allows you to find local, professional lawn care companies to hire for all of your lawn and landscape needs. Not only will you find a trustworthy lawn care company to spruce up your yard, but you also can schedule when you want the service done. Just a few taps on our app and your yard clean up appointment will be set. After they’re done working on your property, your lawn maintenance company will then send you a picture of your spruced up property. And all you’ll need to do is cross that chore off your list.