Storm cleanup, Tampa, FL

Cleaning your yard after hurricanes, tropical storms, or a little wind.

Let us help get it back your yard back into shape. We offer custom quotes for storm cleanup services including:

  • Branch and tree removal
  • Debris removal from your lawn
  • Re-sodding damaged lawns


Storm Cleanup Services, Tampa, FL

A major storm like Hurricane Irma can really cause a mess of your yard. Damaged trees could cover the lawn, leaving it useless and killing grass if left for too long. Even a smaller thunderstorm can knock the leaves down or spread branches across your property. Safety is your first priority for storms like this, and once the storms have passed, you will have plenty on your plate as you try to get life back to normal. Thanks to our relationship with local, insured professional landscapers in the Tampa FL area, we can offer custom quotes for storm cleanup services so you can focus on your family and home. Due to overwhelming demand, many of the companies that offer these services are hard to reach after a storm. With PLOWZ & MOWZ, you'll have a dedicated support team working to make sure you get a fair price and fast service.

Hurricane debris removal, Tampa FL

Strong winds from hurricanes or tropical storms can spread debris, garbage, sticks and more across your neighborhood. We want to make it easy to have your yard cleared. We work with professional, insured companies near you to provide storm cleanup services like tree removal, limb removal, lawn repair, re-seeding and re-sodding lawns. Simply let us know the state of your lawn and what services you would like. We'll find the perfect storm cleanup pro for you and give you a fast, reasonable quote. We'll also track your service and keep you updated, giving you one less thing to worry about.   *If fallen trees have damaged electrical wires on your property, you should contact your local Electric Company

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  • They did an excellent job not only on the grass, but also cleaning up the leaves and oak droppings. He even skimmed the errant ones from the pool! I’m extraordinarily impressed with the quality of your vendors so far. Thank you!

    Liz G – Tampa, FL

  • They did an awesome job! Even took care of the weeds in the back yard!

    Josh K – Tampa, FL

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