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What is

Aeration is the process of creating holes in the soil to allow more airflow. The grass on your lawn exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide through these holes. Along with the air, the holes fill with water and other nutrients (from fertilizer or natural sources). As these holes are spaced throughout the lawn, the roots of your grass will have all the resources it needs to thrive.

Aeration and

To encourage a healthy lawn, aeration and overseeding should be a part of your lawn care plan. Aerating your lawn allows air to circulate through the soil. This can be achieved through core aeration or spike aeration. Overseeding is often paired with aeration to promote thick grass cover of your lawn. Professional landscapers typically aerate a lawn one to two times per year. This number varies depending on the type and condition of the soil. Aerating your soil will leave the soil less compact, “softer” and allow your lawn to grow lush, thick and healthy.

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Aeration Service

What to Expect

  • Service includes use of an aerator to pul soil plugs from your lawn surface.
  • Our pros will spread grass seed over the lawn surface.
  • Soil plugs removed by the aerator should remain on the lawn surface.
  • Please review your order and let us know if you need to add any notes.

Are You Ready?

  • Leaves and debris should be removed from your lawn before provider arrives. • Our providers
  • Our providers recommend watering your soil the day before the service is scheduled.
  • Leave the aeration and overseeding to the PROs. Let us know any services you’d like to add and we’ll get you a quote!
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