Hurricane Cleanup Service, Orlando FL

Cleaning your yard after a big storm.

We offer custom quotes for storm cleanup services including:

  • Branch and tree removal
  • Debris removal from your lawn
  • Re-sodding damaged lawns

Hurricane Cleanup Services | Orlando FL

Hurricane Cleanup Services, Orlando, FL

Dealing with hurricanes and tropical storms is part of living in Florida. When strong winds threaten your home, safety is your first priority. Once you've waited the storm out, either at home or by evacuating, you have to deal with the mess it left. This can be a stressful and busy time, and while insurance might cover your home, what about your lawn? At PLOWZ & MOWZ, we want to take care of your lawn all year, and that includes getting it back into shape after a storm. If you have fallen branches, trees, leaves or debris, we'll get you a custom quote to clean it up. We already have relationships with local, insured professional landscapers in Orlando FL. When they are busy and you can't get them on the phone, we're here to help. Simply call us and let us know the shape of your lawn, and we'll give you a fair and fast quote. Our professional hurricane cleanup companies can remove hurricane debris or re-sod damaged lawns. Let us help after the storm, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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  • They did a great job and were super fast! I had just moved into my new home and I was so grateful to not have to worry about taking care of my lawn when I was drowning in boxes to unpack.

    Becky L – Syracuse, NY

  • I don’t have a need for service all the time, but when I do this is AWESOME. Love the app, and providers always do a great job – thank you!!!

    Kristi J – North Syracuse, NY

  • Best plow ever! He did a nice wide plow. Some plows only go straight down middle. I appreciate the extra care he took to get the entire width of the driveway!!! I am a happy snow lady today!!

    Jerri W – Cleveland, OH

  • They did an excellent job not only on the grass, but also cleaning up the leaves and oak droppings. He even skimmed the errant ones from the pool! I’m extraordinarily impressed with the quality of your vendors so far. Thank you!

    Liz G – Tampa, FL

  • They did an awesome job! Even took care of the weeds in the back yard!

    Josh K – Tampa, FL

  • Excellent job! Always a treat to come home to a well manicured lawn.

    Courtney S – Rochester, NY

  • Fantastic! I love Plowz, I love Mowz!

    Beth G – Rochester, NY

  • I am so impressed!! I requested service right after a big storm.. The driver did a very thorough job and I received a picture of the completed job immediately upon completion!! Thank you so much!!! I will be recommending to friends! 🙂

    Slyvia S – Rochester, NY

  • Awesome! Came home to a lawn that looks way better than what I had been doing to it.

    Craig J – Raleigh, NC

  • PERFECT!!!!!💚💚💚💚

    Becky C – Pittsburgh, PA

  • Easy app! Loved it and the ease of communication!

    Pam M – Pittsburgh, PA

  • Provider was extremely nice and professional and did a great job!!😀😀😀 Great job!! Grass looks great and the guys did a super job with the weedwacker!!

    Margaret F – Pittsburgh, PA

  • Yard looks amazing I think this is the best mow I have had. Whatever company did this, let them know to keep up the good work

    Mike M – Orlando, FL

  • They did an amazing job! Can’t believe Mowz got someone out to my house the next day during the FL summer months! Quality work from professionals

    David E – Orlando, FL

  • The formerly overgrown lawn now looks perfect!

    Hannah L – Orlando, FL

  • First time using this service , fantastic job keep up the good work ,Thanks again

    Nathan P – Orlando, FL

  • Easy to use and yard looked great!

    Allison C – Nashville, TN

  • Life savers!! Definitely using again!

    Nicole P – Nashville, TN

  • Excellent job, and very courteous employees. Great customer service. Thank you guys.

    Douglas U – Dallas, TX

  • Awesome job. He was very thorough and was working in terrible westher but it looks fantastic! thanks

    James W – Dallas, TX

  • Love this service it’s convenient and great job including a photo of the completed work. I will recommend to my friends.

    Andrea L – Morton Grove, IL

  • Great service! This app is so easy to use and I like the updates you receive along the way. Thank you!!

    Ashley F – Chicago, IL

  • The guys who cut my yard did an outstanding job I really enjoyed using this service

    Adam C – Austin, TX

  • I was struggling to find someone to mow and was referred to Plowz and Mowz by a friend. The service was fast and the app was easy to use. My specific requests were accommodated as well.

    Josephine F – Lexington, MA

  • The guys did a great job, left the yard looking clean and crisp. Thank you!

    Whitney B – Mansfield, MA

  • Great job done by this service and provider. It was the a corner lot way overgrown and they got it done. I will be using this service for regular mowz And will certainly refer it to others. Thanks.

    Very good job always happy with the service and appreciate the last minute provider stepping in

    Thanks for a wonderful mow and attention to detail.

    Sheila M – Denver, CO

  • Snow was too heavy for me to remove. Snow blower not working. I appreciate your service!

    Karen B – Milwaukee, WI

  • This guy did an excellent job. My yard looks great. He mowed and trimmed. I want him back for all my Mowz.

    Charleen B – Milwaukee, WI

  • Picture doesn’t do the job justice! A well manicured lawn. Nothing sloppy about it. No tire marks and grass clippings all over the place.

    Jatonya S – Milwaukee, WI

  • Lawn looks great! Outstanding! Great job clearing my lawn of leaf coverage.

    Jeff L – Milwaukee, WI

  • Great job! Fast service! Thank you all so much!

    Michelle J – Akron, OH

  • Great job. Good guys. Super quick. I’d recommend highly..

    Brent R – Akron, OH

  • I needed the job done by a certain time and it absolutely was. Thank you!

    Justine C – Akron, OH

  • This was the first time I used this service and I am very happy! I will definitely use this again and refer to my friends.

    Brian L – Akron, OH

  • Amazing job. I would recommend these folks to anyone who is short on time or wants to just get it done. Very happy with their work.

    Christopher – Akron, OH

  • Lightning fast quality service!!! I originally set my appointment up for today. I received a text yesterday stating ‘hey we have someone in your area would you like service today?”… I get home at about 5:30 and they were finishing up just as the sun was setting. I checked their work as I always do when I hire a landscaper. It was perfect. All the leaves were gone from the front and back yards and the lawn was nicely mowed. I couldn’t have asked for anything more… I will definitely be using the service again soon especially with the winter months coming and then offering snow removal services. Give the app a try at least once I’d say. It’s fast, convenient, and easy to use!

    Aright J – Euclid, OH

  • Plowz and Mowz is a perfect match to our mowing and plowing needs that have happily become more regular due to this great app and company. Recently we needed plowing and within a very short time an operator was here clearing our drive. He even brought along his shovel to add some finishing touches not required. The app is easy to use and makes keeping up with our yard work and winter snowfall simple. Thank you!

    Valerie M – Hudsonville, MI

  • Used this service 4-5 times and I love it. Very good providers here in Indiana they do a great job I can mow my own lawn but on those times when I can’t or don’t have time or just don’t want to, I call. Had a small problem with a gift I provided for a friend but customer service was very helpful and took care of my problem quickly. Don’t hesitate call great service!

    Indiana Mowz user

  • I can’t rave enough about how great this service is. It is so easy to manage the lawn maintenance for my home right from my phone or iPad. They use professional and personable people to handle this task that do a even better job than I do! They take a photo and email it to me upon completion of each job. Very affordable also. I will continue to use them again and again.

    Michael G – Solon, OH

  • Our crew is very professional, knows how to not burn a lawn in the Texas heat and creates the nice manicured look you should expect. The biggest draw for me is the customer service. If I have a change, request, or inquiry, a personal account email rep will contact you and address your concerns quickly. For an app-service, I’ve been blown away. I also like getting my photo of the yard mowed before I get home from work on Fridays-a very nice touch.

    Texas Homeowner, App Store Review

  • Let me begin by saying I was skeptical when using this app, but all I have to say is wow. I couldn’t imagine hiring anybody else to do my driveway. The guy who came out is a legend. Simply the Chuck Norris of snow removal. This guy cared more about my driveway than I care about my own driveway. I watched this from my home security cameras as he worked tirelessly to clear my driveway. He operated on a no flake left behind policy and refused to give up. Whoever you are snow plow guy, you set the high bar, your an inspiration to me, and I will never forget what occurred on this day in my driveway. Plow on!

    Anthony S – Waukesha, WI

  • A lifesaver! Plowz and Mowz is the best – we’ve never had a lawn to mow, and certainly never cleaned fall leaves. Enter my new favorite app. Plowz and Mowz. With just a few taps on my phone and a super reasonable rate, my lawn and yard looked way better than I could have ever made them in less than 24 hours! Incredible. I have a feeling Plowz and Mowz is going to save my life again come snowy season here in Minnesota. I’m so happy to have found this service! Highly Recommend!

    Kathryn F – Plymouth, MN

  • Mowz… it’s Uber for lawn mowing (and snow plowing in winter)… and I use it all the time. I love this service and the app makes it incredibly easy. I love the convenience of booking a provider when I’m either out of town or too busy to get to my lawn. ESPECIALLY when it looks like I’ll be working that *one* day of the week it’s not going to be raining. The cost is more than fair and they do a nice job of communicating with you via the app to update the status of your job (“provider will be there in 60 minutes”, “Your job is done”).


    Chris L – St. Paul, MN

  • I got this so I could have my 87 year old in-laws’ driveway plowed – used it last year and had the best experience with Plowz !! Keep up the good work all – thanks !! Perfect service !! You are the best

    Patrick M – Englewood, CO

  • Snow plow on demand – We’ve used Plowz several times now and it has made life so much easier during our Boston winters. Each time we’ve ordered a plow it’s been done within the given timeframe. You always get a picture of the job when it’s done. We had such a hard time finding a plow service – expecting to pay way more. Now we just use Plowz!

    Boston Plowz user

  • This service was so easy and they did a fantastic job. This was my first time using Leavz but it won’t be my last!

    Kristin K – Savage, MN – Leavz

  • This team was amazing!! We were so impressed with the job (which is a big one) that they did! Very through and we would not hesitate to have them back again. Thank you for giving us back our Sunday!

    Jennifer C – Indianapolis, IN – Leavz

  • This provider did a great job of cleaning up all the leaves on our yard, including blowing out the leaves stuck in bushes and window wells. I was really pleased by his speed and professionalism.

    Heidi W – Mounds View, MN – Leavz

  • This was my first time using the service and I’m very impressed! He did a great job and I will be using Mowz again… Thank you!

    Christy C – Atlanta, GA

  • The service the crew provided today was above and beyond anything I expected. Despite it being late in the day and intermittent rain, they provided the most thorough cut our hard has seen in a long long time. It would have been easy to take shortcuts on a Friday afternoon. Because of their dedication to their work and the support provided by Plowz & Mowz – I will use the service again. Amazing job!!

    Brian M – Atlanta, GA

  • Wow so impressed! I was told a plow would be at my house within 4 hours and they were there in 2. They did a great job!

    Erin B – Hingham, MA

  • Unbelievable! I ordered and they came within 10 minutes. It’s like Uber for snowplowing. I will absolutely use this service again. Pricing was very reasonable.

    Lori M – Lexington, MA

  • Convenient I’m very pleased with the service. I started using it because my lawn mower broke down, but it is so convenient and affordable to have Plowz & Mowz do the job, I haven’t been in a big hurry to get the mower fixed. I may never mow my own lawn again.

    Cari V – Southfield, MI

  • Great service! This is a very user friendly app. I ordered a one time lawn mow and they came out when they said they would and did a great job. The guys even did some extra weed eating, that I hadn’t mentioned when I ordered my lawn service, but it was much needed. I was happy with their service and would use them again.

    Heather F – Dallas, TX

  • Like magic! I expected the plow driver to come tell me to move the car so I waited and waited…finally, after a couple hours I looked at the app and it said my job was finished. I had a sinking feeling nothing was done because how could they have gotten past my car? But I was WRONG. Somehow they did get past it and they cleaned out the whole thing, making plenty of room for all 3 of our cars to park. GREAT JOB!!

    Sarah S – Syracuse, NY

  • lifesaver!! I can’t thank you enough for this app. I needed my driveway plowed terribly and wanted to pay with a debit card. I placed my request at 10am and by 2pm my driveway was plowed. I even got a picture of the job that was done! Thank you for an excellent experience and saving me from a night of hell shoveling! !

    S. M. – Sterling Heights, MI

  • Best $$$ spent From downloading the app to scheduling the service everything was perfect. When they showed up, everything was done so fast and efficient I was truly amazed. The best $$$ I’ve spent because I really didn’t feel like messing with snow today especially 6-8 inches worth!

    Edward L – Portarge, IN

  • Helped me out in a pinch. Heard about app & wanted to try it but plow service is not in budget (though the prices for my driveway were in line with past quotes from companies requiring contracts). We were out of town for a week & I put in a request, detailed notes (which co. later thanked me for my honesty of the poor condition so I recommend doing), and the driveway was cleared quick & perfect. Will use again as I can and recommend to all. Also, I contacted company via phone and received awesome service immediately. Communication is top notch

    Amy Jo M – Syracuse, NY

  • Why hire one service provider when you can hire an entire team of service providers? This app has been a godsend for me as a young professional who works 80+ hours a week and doesn’t have hours to spare taking care of my lawn. It is really easy and convenient and I don’t have to worry about leaving a check for the landscaper because everything is paid for using the app. After my first service, I was less than impressed with the service and I got a personal response within a day. I tried the service again and have used it an additional 3 times and the first time must have been an anomaly because the service has been amazing each time.

    Megan M – Jacksonville, FL

  • I wasn’t getting responses from any of my local lawn care services and then I found Mowz…the price was right with no contract so I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try. BEST SERVICE EVER!!! The edging, mowing and blowing were all a professional grade and the service was sooo easy to order/schedule. I will use this service ongoing when I can’t get to the lawn myself!

    Julie P – Dallas, GA

  • Great app! This is awesome and easy to use. Very helpful if you have family or friends who are suddenly sick, and your schedule won’t let you get out there to do it yourself. Also great for the days you’re sick or on vacation and do not know anyone that can help with a quick once over of the lawn or driveway, I used the app for both lawn and plow. Customer service is very friendly and responsive.

    Jarrod D – Liverpool, NY

  • Love this app! The app is easy to use and the service is awesome! A couple of taps is all it takes to schedule a mow. Prices are very competitive as well. And they even send a picture of your yard when they are done. Couldn’t recommend this app/service enough!

    Brian P – Yarmouth, MA

  • Stress Reliever This app is awesome! I am getting married this weekend and my soon to be hubby works around 80 hours a week since he is in residency. He was stressing about how much we have to do this week and how he probably wouldn’t have time to mow the lawn for another two weeks (after the wedding). On Saturday while he was at work, I discovered this app and scheduled a mow for Sunday. The mower showed up around 4pm on Sunday and did a great job and saved my fiance the hour he normally spends mowing the lawn.

    Katrina B – North Olmsted, OH

  • No more mowing! I heard about this service on TV and was excited to give it a try but after reading the reviews I was a little worried but I installed the app anyway and it was quick and easy to understand I picked a date and got a response instantly and they said they would contact me when they got my job out and then I got an email at work that the job was completed with a photo and when I came home the whole yard was mowed! Being in a small city I didn’t know if I could use this but I’m so glad I can stop mowing 😊

    Jackie R – Burlington, NC

  • Great service! I’ve used Mowz now all summer long and the service is excellent! There were a couple poor providers, but a quick call to customer service and it was corrected immediately! Customer Service is top notch! 99% of the time my yard is mowed perfectly! Couldn’t be happier! Read a news article on how these guys got started and I was even more impressed! Happy to be supporting a couple young entrepreneurs and supporting the small local lawn care companies…all while saving $$$! It’s a win-win for everyone!

    Angela D – Berea, OH

  • Plow & Mowz App Great – I have used this app to have my grass cut while on vacation or to busy to cut it myself. What’s great about the app is you can order from anywhere. Secondly it provides you confirmation of provider accepting the job. Finally, the provider sends you a picture when job is completed on day requested. A1 job each time.

    Bobby H – Novi, MI

  • I have only used it once, and it worked great! Upon arriving home and reviewing their work, it was obvious they were professionals and knew what they were doing. Their work was 10x better than whatever I was doing… I will be using this app again.

    Craig J – Raleigh, NC

  • I love this app and service. Living in Rochester, NY means crazy winters without much predictability, and having the ability to send for a plow, without even making a phone call, is like living in the future! The app is easy, the plow-folk are awesome and do a great job. I set up a plow for the morning and when I get into my car, it’s like the snow fairy came in the night and took away the snow in my driveway. I really can’t overstate how much I love Plowz.

    Taggard A – Rochester, NY

  • Absolutely outstanding service, ease of use and response time. Could not not be more pleased. Contactor sent was professional and great in every way!! Highly recommend!!

    Jeff L – Baldwinsville, NY

  • Great work

    Risitesh, Minnesota

  • Super Service

    Willls, Minneapolis

  • “Lawn care service in Jacksonville, FL has never been easier with the Plowz & Mowz App. I order a lawn mow service when I need it and when I want it instantly!”

    Katie M – Property Manager, Jacksonville, FL

  • “MOWZ® is the most convenient app I’ve ever used. It gave me piece of mind knowing that my lawn would be taken care of while I went on vacation with my family. MOWZ® even sent me a picture of my beautiful finished lawn…while I was on the beach!”

    Martha M. Home Owner, New York

  • “We had just moved in and our yard was overgrown and covered in leaves. I set up an appointment, and with on about an hour, I had a team of lawn care professionals at my house working at a feverish pace. Way better than doing it myself.”

    Lewis K. Home Owner, Minnesota

  • “What a great app! Our family snow blower broke, so I needed a plow. We had just been hit with about 10 inches of snow. Plow driver was there in now time and did a great job.  I will definitely use again if needed. Thank you!”

    Matt E. Home Owner, Ohio

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