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What is Driveway Sealing?

Driveways take a lot of abuse. UV rays from exposure to the sun can break down the pieces that make the driveway. This creates more holes in the pavement, which liquids will fill. Rain can fill holes and crack in your driveway. As the liquids expand and contract in these holes, they can create larger holes and cracks. Oils from cars and dust from the environment can also affect the driveway’s health. Protecting your driveway is important if you want to give it a longer life. Driveway sealcoating provides this protection.

Applying driveway sealant to the surface of your driveway creates a protective layer that keeps water, dust, UV rays and oils out of the driveway below. With less chance of these materials getting into your driveway, you’ll see less holes and cracks and your driveway will last much longer.

Sealing Service

Driveway sealing can be a messy project. Rather than doing it yourself, you may want to hire a professional company to provide driveway sealcoating service for you. Many homeowners choose to schedule their driveway sealing service while they are on vacation. Professional companies can seal your driveway while you are away and the driveway is cleared of vehicles. With PLOWZ & MOWZ, you will get updates through your app and can even see a photo of the completed service right on your phone. Scheduling a driveway sealing service will lengthen the life of your driveway, and now it’s as easy as a few taps!

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Driveway Sealing Service

What to Expect

  • Service includes use of a driveway sealer to create a protective coating on your driveway.
  • Using an asphalt based sealer to coat asphalt driveways helps create a “seal” that prevents oils and liquids from leaking through the asphalt and creating cracks as it expands and contracts.
  • A typical asphalt driveway sealer lasts 2-4 years depending on the weather conditions in your area.
  • Besides protecting your driveway, asphalt driveway sealer gives your driveway a “like-new” look when applied.
  • Please review your order and let us know if you need to add any notes.

What to Expect

  • Sealing your driveway is a temperature sensitive project. A consistent temperature of 70 degrees is recommended.
  • The best time to schedule your driveway sealcoating service is when there will be 2-3 days of dry weather.
  • You will not be able to use the driveway for 24-48 hours after it has been sealed, so plan accordingly.
  • Besides protecting your driveway, asphalt driveway sealer gives your driveway a “like-new” look when applied.
  • Leave the driveway sealing to the PROs. Let us know any services you’d like to add and we’ll get you a quote!
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