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A MOWZ service includes mowing the lawn, trimming the perimeters of the yard with a weed-eater and blowing any grass clippings off of hard surfaces. You’ll receive a photo of a job well done.


Lawn Mowing Service, Denver CO

Keep your grass green and your lawn looking great this summer with little effort! Plowz & Mowz works with the best lawn care companies near you and offers on-demand lawn service. Get an instant quote without calling around and haggling. Just describe your yard on the app or website and know the price of each lawn mow. There are no contracts to sign and we only mow when you need it. You can order a one-time lawn mowing service or you can opt for weekly or bi-weekly recurring services. Each lawn care service includes a professional landscaper mowing your lawn with commercial grade equipment. They will also trim the edges of your lawn with a weed-eater. To make sure your yard looks like the best on the block, they will blow the grass clippings off your hard surfaces. Rest assured you will always get quality lawn care service with Plowz & Mowz. Each order is rated by our customers, and only the highest-rated lawn mowing companies continue using the app. If your lawn is mowed by a company you are happy with, that landscaper will come each time. If that landscaper is not available for one mow, we have access to all the other top-rated lawn care companies in your area. Your lawn never has to suffer. Get a lawn service as soon as tomorrow. Plowz & Mowz is a great way to keep your lawn freshly cut while you are on vacation too! You get notifications when your order has been assigned and completed. You can track your lawn maintenance right from your phone. When the lawn service is completed, you get a photo of your freshly cut grass.

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book local lawn care companies in your area

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book local lawn care companies in your area

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book local lawn care companies in your area

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