Lawn Care Services | Lawn Mowing Jacksonville FL

It’s going to happen one day if it hasn’t already! The big move from your apartment to the world of home ownership. After making that fun transition you’ll be exposed to a new set of priorities.  Filling the empty rooms, items to hang on the empty walls, new appliances & possibly a lawn care service in Jacksonville Florida. Looks like you have your hands full & from one homeowner to another the responsibilities don’t slow down. It’s quite the opposite in fact. Owning a home becomes a game of time management. How will you spend the hours after work or better yet, those precious weekend hours?

Spending time with family or friends, shopping, tailgating a sporting event, hanging with your favorite pet or just soaking in that Florida sun.  If you’re not a fan of any of these, please stop reading & run to your Doctor for a full checkup. If you enjoy any of these, let us reintroduce you to the world of Lawn Care in Jacksonville, Fl with the Plowz & Mowz App. Free to download and with a couple answered questions about your property you can have a Landscaping professional in Jacksonville on the grounds to help with your lawn. In under 60 seconds receive a quote for your property and pay right through the app.

If you’ve tried calling a local lawn care service in Jacksonville, Fl you’ve probably run into some of these disappointing results; no answer, not able to meet the landscaper for a quote or you just don’t want to sign a contract Johnny on the spot. The Plowz & Mowz app has solved all these issues. We have created the pricing based on your market and we have the manpower to get the work done.

Why Plowz & Mowz for lawn care:

  • Free Quote
  • Pick the day you need the service
  • Pay through the app
  • 24-hour customer service
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Use as needed or set up for recurring (set it and forget it)
  • Receive a picture of the manicured lawn when completed
  • Keep the Landscaper if you like his/her work

You may not need lawn service every week but there will be times Plowz & Mowz can bail you out of an unforeseen situation. Run out of gas, mower kicked the bucket, won’t start, need to focus on another home project or you just want to relax. Having a free lawn maintenance alternative can not only help but it can also give you peace of mind the job will get done by a professional in a timely fashion. Download the free app now for a free quote or Schedule a Mowz online.