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Lawn Mowing Services

Order a Lawn Mowing Service from anywhere, anytime. Our professional and insured fleet will cut and trim your lawn, clear off any hard surfaces and send you a photo of a job well done.

A frequently mowed lawn can help promote thick and lush grass in your yard. If you want your lawn to feel great between your toes all summer, make sure you’ve got a regularly scheduled lawn mow!


What’s the best day to mow my lawn this week?

Wanting a great-looking lawn while balancing everything life throws at you can be quite challenging. If you can’t cut your grass during your days off due to rain, you need to find a day and time you’re free, and the lawn isn’t soaked. You should make sure you wait at least a few hours after a light rain, or a full day of sun after a heavy rain.

Mowing the lawn right after it rains without giving the ground time to dry can damage your lawn, result in uneven grass heights, and even result in the mower getting stuck in the mud. Mowing in morning dew can overwhelm some smaller mowers and result in the grass clogging up the blades.

A good way to tell if it’s dry enough to mow is to simply walk across your lawn. If you can feel the ground is softer than usual just by walking, it’s still too wet to mow. If the ground is firm, but your shoes get wet on the bottom and sides, there may be too much dew if you’re using a small push mower.

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Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Services

What to Expect from our On-Demand Lawn Care Service

  • A MOWZ service includes a cut and trim of your lawn, clearing off any hard surfaces (walkways, driveways, etc.) and a photo of a job well done.
  • Let us know how long your grass is
  • Choose a plan: 7 day recurring, 10 day recurring, 14 day recurring, or single service.
  • Please review your order and let us know if you need to add any notes.


Optional Add-on Yard Services

  • Flower Bed Clean Up- Landscaper will use a blower to clean out debris from your flower bed. A light weeding will be performed.
  • Edging- We’ll use an edger or string trimmer to make a crisp line where your lawn meets driveway, pathways, and other hard surfaces.
  • Pick Up Clippings- recommended if grass is longer than 8 in.
  • Yard Clean Up
  • Leave the mowing to the PROs. Let us know any services you’d like to add and we’ll get you a custom yard maintenance quote!
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