Professional Dog Poop Clean Up Services

Tired Of Cleaning Up After Your Dog?

It’s time to rid yourself of this crappy chore once and for all. Too busy to clean up after your dog on a regular basis? Does your furry best friend seem to poop more than the average dog? We’ve got it in the bag! Plowz & Mowz is very excited to add dog poop clean up services near you to our ever-expanding list of outdoor home services. It’s time to hang up that pooper scooper and leave it to the professionals.

Poop happens – and up until now, you just had to live with it. There is no need for you to clean up dog poop in the yard ever again. No matter how many dogs you have, we have the professionals to tackle the job. It’s time to finally enjoy your yard, not just clean it!

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Hire Someone Else to Clean Up After Your Dog

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Let’s face it, picking up after your dog stinks! It’s time to put your doggie poop bags and dog poop clean up tools away and leave the dirty work to us. Plowz & Mowz listened to the needs about both the homeowners and our landscaper partners to bring you the gold standard of dog poop clean up services!

Did you know animal poop is the thing landscapers hate to see the most when they show up to properties? We polled our extensive landscaper base and found that they can’t stand running over that pile of dog poop while on the job.

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Keep those sneakers squeaky clean this summer with either a one-time dog poop clean up service or completely wash your hands of it with our recurring dog poop service. It’s as easy as placing the order and letting us know how many dogs you have (photos of the dog are always welcomed)! Whether the poop is on the side of the house, the front or backyard, our partners will find it for you. Big or small, we’ll scoop it all!

We Will Clean Up And Remove All Dog Poop In Your Yard

Our number one priority is your dog’s number two! Our team of local professionals are puppy ready and willing to do what you hate the most. Save yourself a few hours every week offloading this tedious chore to someone whose job it is. We’ll leave your yard so fresh on a weekly basis that you’ll wonder if your dog has stopped pooping all together!