Lawn & Landscaping Services in Hartford, Connecticut

Looking to upgrade your lawn? Maximize the health of your lawn with our line of lawn care services.

Lawn Mowing

Keep your grass green and pristine with our professional lawn mowing service!

Lawn Mowing Service Includes:

  • Includes grass cutting, edging, and cleanup of hard surfaces
  • Simple pricing, no haggling
  • Schedule when you need it or save with a recurring service plan

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration is the process of creating holes in the soil to allow more airflow. The grass on your lawn exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide through these holes. Along with the air, the holes fill with water and other nutrients (from fertilizer or natural sources). As these holes are spaced throughout the lawn, the roots of your grass will have all the resources it needs to thrive.

Aeration & Overseeding Service Includes:

  • Includes grass cutting, edging, and cleanup of hard surfaces
  • Simple pricing, no haggling
  • Schedule when you need it or save with a recurring service plan


Keep your garden tidy & weeds at bay with our mulching service. You can use mulch for garden beds, flower beds, lining the edges of your yard or just to change up the appearance of a section of your yard. Typical service will be done with wood chips, but you can make custom requests for another material. Many homeowners have their mulch installed in the spring, when the soil has warmed up a little. Professional companies deliver the heavy bags of mulch, although they can also be picked up from local hardware and garden stores.

Mulch Service and Delivery includes:

  • Delivery of mulch to your home
  • A light weeding
  • Spreading Mulch to 2-3 inches deep

Yard Clean up

Get your yard cleaned from all the winter debris or keep those falling leaves under control. Options to add flower bed clean up and a full lawn mow. Our network of local pros have the equipment and experience to make leaf removal a breeze. Your lawn will be clean and look great, and your back will feel like a million bucks!


  • Clearing of leaves and fallen twigs/branches from the yard surface
  • Options to add flower bed clean up, edging or lawn mowing service


Lawn fertilization is a key component to having your grass grow strong and healthy. More than just lawn maintenance, fertilization treatments can improve your lawn’s overall health, appearance & prevent weeds from growing in your yard.

Multiple treatments or applications of fertilizer throughout the year is common, ensuring your lawn has the proper nutrients available all year long. While fertilizers are available at local hardware stores, most homeowners choose to have a professional landscaping company treat their lawns. Applying fertilizer improperly can have adverse effects on a lawn, so research, education and experience are important when thinking about a fertilization treatment plan. Done correctly though, fertilizing a lawn can improve grass health and overall yard appearance!


  • Lawn analysis
  • Targeted weed control
  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Fertilization application

Custom Service

Don’t see your service listed? Give us as many details as possible for the job you would like done and we will help you out!

Trimming & Pruning

Have a pro trim or prune your shrubs, ornamental trees or perennials. We’ll trim back overgrown plants or prune dead, loose or infected branches and stems!

Regular trimming and pruning can keep your shrubs, hedges and plants healthy. When our pros trim for you, they’ll cut back any dead, dying or diseased branches. Your plants will look, and feel, great!

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