Christmas Tree Delivery – Chicago, IL

Easy, on demand Christmas tree delivery in Chicago

Christmas trees are an essential part of the Holiday season, but bringing one home can be a real pain! Cold weather, picking through the leftovers at a lot, and all the sap and needles all over your car can put a damper on the holiday spirit. Luckily, PLOWZ & MOWZ has a network of professionals with commercial grade snow plowing trucks at your service. This year, we’re offering fresh cut Christmas tree delivery to homes in the Chicago area. All you have to do is tell what kind of tree and how tall, we’ll take care of the rest! With on demand Christmas tree delivery, you can spend more time on the fun part…decorating the tree!

 Choose Your Tree

Tell us if you prefer Douglas Fir or Fraser Fir and choose your size from 5 to 8 ft tall.

Pick Shipping Time

We’re shipping out starting November 26th and going until the trees are gone! Get on the list while they’re at their freshest.

Enjoy Free Delivery

One of our trusted, local providers will bring a tree to right to your front door. The tree will come freshly cut and wrapped from a local farm.

 Douglas Fir

Pyramid shaped, with turned up branches. Fragrant with blue-green needles with densly packed branches. Good needle retention and a tree lover’s choice.
  • Christmas Tree Tips

    Use a water reservoir stand to help maintain freshness and keep the tree from dropping too many needles.

  • Keep the tree away from heat sources, including large Christmas light bulbs on the tree.
  • Try to give your tree a quart of water for each inch of its diameter.

 Fraser Fir

Pyramid shaped, with turned up branches. Fragrant and grows with good form. Slightly softer needles with good needle retention.