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How To Start Snow Plowing


Each winter season as the snow begins to enter the forecast and you bring out the plow, it’s good to get a refresh on the best plowing practices. Once you have a few winter seasons under your belt, you will become familiar with helpful plowing techniques and start to use those season after season. However, if you’re just starting out, we have some helpful tips and tricks for you this winter!

Knowing how to properly remove the snow from a driveway using a snowplow will save you both time and money during the hectic winter season. By doing so correctly the first time, you won’t have to go back and redo the work you have already done. And you will prevent any unnecessary mishaps during the plowing process.

truck with a snow plow on front plowing out a driveway

Starting to Snow Plow

First off, become familiar with your snowplow. It will be your best friend this winter (your best friend that has the opportunity to make you a lot of money this winter, that is). If it’s a new purchase or a few seasons old, it’s best to run through and check to make sure all aspects are working properly so that you are prepared for a new winter season.

Types of Snow Plows

Boss plow straight blade

Straight Blade

-Best for removing snow from large, wide-open areas. This is the cheaper plow option and is easier to operate. The straight blade plow can get almost any job done by either an amateur or experienced plow driver.


-Works in a wide variety of plowing situations and can be purchased at a higher cost than a straight blade plow. The V-plow is the most versatile plow by moving the snow in any direction necessary.

Watch For Snow in the Forecast

Next, be prepared and watch the weather forecast constantly. Plowable snow can fall quickly overnight and as a plow driver, you should always be ready for snow.  Once the snow starts to fall, people will be counting on you and your plow to get them out of their driveway. The longer you wait to allow snow to start accumulating before you begin plowing, the more the snow will fall and the heavier it will become. Unplowed snow can lead to ice buildup which can become very dangerous and cause injury.

After the snow falls and you head on over to a customer’s home, you must have a plan. A plan as to where the plowed snow will be plowed to. It is best to consult the homeowner as to where the snow should be pushed.  With this information, you can provide a cleared driveway and from there, a happy homeowner!

What to Remember when Snow Plowing snowy driveway

•Never block anyone’s driveway with excess snow

•Never block traffic with excess snow

•Be aware of mailboxes, fire hydrants, water drains, electrical boxes, and any other items excess snow could potentially block

•Take into account gravel, dirt, or paved driveways

Being prepared and educated on your snowplow, the weather forecast, and the driveways that need plowing services will help you plow correctly and efficiently. The better you get at snow plowing is going to come with practice and completing more plowing jobs. Each driveway will offer you a different situation and can be completed with knowledge of previous plowing jobs! Be prepared to be busy this winter!

Posted on September 1, 2021

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