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How To Advertise Your Snow Plowing Business


Are you looking for new and innovative ways to advertise your snow plowing business? If you want to be busy this winter, your advertising needs to begin long before the snow starts to fall. Mid-September is usually a good time to begin advertising to potential clients.

However, while you are preparing your snow plowing business for winter, homeowners are starting to secure plowing services for the season or even preparing their equipment to do the work themselves.  You should be working overtime in the off-season to secure clients for the next winter season.

The following forms of advertising are new and old ways that can help you secure more snow plowing customers this year!


Having a website for your business is a must nowadays.  People are heading right to Google to begin the search for local snow plowing companies and your website should pop up on that Google search.  A website is nothing but effective for your snow plowing business.

A simple website can have a landing page displaying the services you offer, the areas you operate in, and any other necessary information about the business. You can even showcase before and after photos and customer testimonials on your website. Nothing needs to be fancy but a simple website can be beneficial for you and your customers.

Social Media

social media channels




Creating and being active on social media pages will help potential and current clients know what services are available and showcase that you are working hard and completing local jobs.

You can use these platforms to post pictures of completed jobs, before and after photos, marketing graphics, customer testimonials, etc.  The opportunities on social media are endless! Customers may even reach out on social media platforms with questions or want to get more information about your business.  A social presence is necessary for your company!

Google My Business


Phone Number



If you don’t claim your Google My Business Listing, your company information could be displayed wrong. Your phone number might be incorrect and you could be missing potential business opportunities.  Once you claim your Google My Business listing, you have the ability to edit the listing and include the hours, location, phone number, link to your website.  Customers can easily contact you and write reviews after working with you. This gives your company a strong web presence when potential customers are searching for local snow plowing companies.

Paid Marketing website for snow plowing

-Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Paid marketing is a relatively cheap route to go with massive reach and a quick ROI. And you can work with any budget, low or high, for these ads.

Through both Facebook and Google ads, you can target a specific audience, in a specific area.  You are able to segment audiences based on interest and what they do online.  And then you can direct interested customers right to your website. These ads give you the ability to appear on the news feed for local homeowners who might be looking for exactly what you offer.

Word of Mouth

In today’s world, sometimes word of mouth can be the best form of advertising.  Happy clients are eager to tell others about their good experience. Those happy customers talk to their friends and family and mention your company name and the services you provide.  The potential customers could be new to the area and looking for a local landscaping company they can trust. Or just in the market for a new landscaping company that can do better work than their previous landscaping company.

A combination of different forms of advertising will help your company gain new customers, complete more jobs, and become a well-known snow plowing name in the local community.

Posted on September 8, 2021

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