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How Much To Charge For Leaf Cleanup


Leaf cleanup and removal are necessary for many homeowners since certain seasons create many leaf accumulation and tree debris, and many busy people would rather use their time elsewhere. Since this is a relatively popular service, landscapers need to know how to price their leaf cleanup correctly and effectively. Many factors go into this process, and depending on circumstances, the price you charge may be significantly more or less. We’ll walk you through the key factors for knowing what to charge for a Leaf Cleanup job and how to price the service effectively and consistently.


1. Know Your Operational Costs

This is one of the most important factors of knowing what to charge for leaf cleanup. You never want to be charging something incredibly close or even below your operational costs because then you’re simply not making money or making an amount you should receive in reality. Costs such as equipment, fuel, driving, location, and any other things you will pay for to be able to provide your service absolutely need to be at the core of how you initially charge for the leaf clean-up job.

2. Know The Size of The Job

One job may be a small yard, whereas another may be a much larger area to clear and deal with a larger amount of leaves and debris from trees. This is a simple factor. However, it can make a huge difference to the eventual price you charge your customer.

3. Know the Location 

Location is key in every area of business, as well as pricing a service properly. You want to know what the general pricing looks like among other leaf cleanup providers and how this differs potentially in certain counties of a larger area such as a city. For example, taxes and other added costs like longer driving distances may ramp up the price you charge, so these factors always need to be added into your price equation and result in what you eventually feel is a fair price to charge.


4. Be Competitively Priced


Know the average price in your area

Know your market and what similar leaf cleanup services charge for the same thing you do. If you have something extra to offer, you can sell a higher sticker price. If you want to get more jobs quicker, undercut your market’s average cost to look more appealing.


Planned routes reduce your costs.

Save money and hours each week by getting many homeowners in the same area to sign up for you to clear their yard of leaves and debris. You can reduce travel time and gas expenses, which can be allocated to referral discounts and large-order pricing to attract more of these types of jobs.


Discount recurring jobs

Your quotes for a one-time service should always be higher than that of a recurring service. Your goal is to retain and incentivize long term clients. It is almost always cheaper to retain mowing jobs week to week than to continually search for new clients. You can better phrase this by offering a discounted price on long-term service contracts from the start. The same idea goes for your add-on services. Potential clients love to see they save money from their valued loyalty to your business.


We hope this article helped you learn about how to quote leaf cleanup jobs for your business. Are you a lawn care or landscaping provider looking to join the Plowz & Mowz fleet? We’ll handle the quoting for the lawn mowing jobs we send you through the app, and you’ll instantly see what each mowing job pays you for your service. Visit our provider sign-up page for more information on how we can help you grow your business.

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Posted on February 1, 2021

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