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How to get a Free Website for your Lawn Mowing Business (5 Easy Steps)



Does my small business need a website?

Are you running a lawn mowing business without a website? It’s 2022, time to think about building an online presence to grow your business. Most independent lawn mowing contractors and even some small landscaping companies don’t think they need a website, but that’s not a mentality for growth. If you want to keep up with your competitors, you need a website. Especially if you want a chance at getting new customers organically that are Googling for a lawn care provider in their area.

The biggest reason most landscaping companies avoid getting a website is typically cost. If you go with a professional website designer, a quality website could cost between $15,000 and $25,000, according to landscapeleadership.com. That’s not feasible for most small businesses. We think your first website should be free.

Our free websites for our lawn mowing contractors are simple, one-page websites hosted within our site. Each page gets its own unique URL, displays your company name & photo, and even allows users to see what services you offer through us with the option to book your services through the site! As long as the user booking lawn mowing (or other landscaping services you provide) is in your area, and you accept the job, it will be added to your queue.

Follow the 5 easy steps below to set up your free landscaper website through Plow & Mowz (takes less than 2 minutes):

How much does a website cost?

Don’t let the cost hold you back! It’s easy to get started for free with simple websites like the ones provided to anyone on the Plowz & Mowz app! Our team developed easy-to-setup mini websites for small landscaping companies or independent contractors like you. Not only will this help you build your online presence, it can also help get you more jobs.

While a free website is great, it shouldn’t be your end goal. Building and maintaining a full web presence is an important part of growing a business. Once you have a simple website, it’s important to add it to key locations to help your business attract new customers online. It’s also important to start saving some of your new profits to budget for a full website in the future. Our one-page website is great for free, but paying for a more comprehensive website will certainly boost your visibility.

get your free website for your snow removal company

How to set up your free website with Plowz & Mowz (5 Steps):

Step 1: Make sure you’ve already signed up with us as a lawn care provider. If you still need to sign up with us, click here. It’s completely free and will even allow you to select additional open jobs in your area, anytime you want more business.

Step 2: Open our landscaper app on your Android or IOS smartphone.

Step 3: Scroll down and click to activate your website or click on “Partner Website” in the sidebar.

get your free website for your snow plowing company
Step 4: Click to enable your free website.
free snow plowing website
Step 5: Add your photo, view your page, and even share the link to your social media!
free snow removal websites

Posted on July 11, 2022

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Looking for more landscaping jobs?
There’s an app for that.

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