New year, new you… new snow removal, too.

1. Time Saving- Remember on New Year’s Eve when you promised yourself that this was the year you would get stuff done? The Plowz app delivers a service that saves you the time to accomplish your big goals planned in the coming year.

2. Travel- Italy, Colorado, your in-law’s – wherever your travel plans may lead you this year, Plowz&Mowz makes it easy. Schedule a Plowz from anywhere, and come home to a snow-free driveway.

3. Convenience- It’s the age of innovation, and in 2016, convenience keeps spilling over. Reap the benefits of 2016 tech with On-Demand plowing and mowing into the New Year – at your convenience, of course.

4. Saving- Money always tends to play a role in New Year’s goals. With Plowz, you simply pay per service, avoiding any binding contract fees – a great way to pad your bank account with this year’s savings.

5. Try Something New- A New Year means doing something different and changing bad habits into good. Trying Plowz lets you do both with a touch of a button.