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Remember: Act Early

Dandelions are at their weakest immediately after they’ve flowered. Act quickly when you spot the first shock of yellow in your neat sea of green.

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4 Sure-Fire Methods:

Poach Method

Also known as the Wicked Witch of the West method, all you need is a pot of water. Boil your water, and pour it over the infested area. Within 2-3 days the dandelion patch should be withered and wilted. This works best if the weeds only cover a small area in your lawn. For larger patches, try a different method below. Bonus: Boiling water is also effective against hawkweed, another invasive plant cousin to the dandelion.

Rooting Method

How is a dandelion similar to the mythological Hydra monster? You can’t kill it by just chopping off the head. To rid your yard of this weed, you must dig out the whole plant, roots and all. This can be done by hand, but if playing in the dirt isn’t really your style, a dandelion digger is a specialized lawn care tool that captures weeds and roots with minimal soil disturbance. Dandelions have taproots that can grow down to a foot or more, and it’s important to reach as deep into the soil as possible.

Mulching Method

No sunlight means no germination, no photosynthesis, and ultimately, no dandelions. Use a DIY sunblock to smother the weeds by placing cardboard, newspapers, or black plastic over the problem area. Weigh the material down with bricks, stones, logs, or other heavy yard material. If you’re worried about the general aesthetic of this method, lay grass clippings down to match the rest of your lawn.

Pickling Method

Vinegar has the acidic kick to help wipe out your weeds. The preferred strength is 20-25% acidity, which is double the amount found in the type used for household and culinary purposes. It is recommended to use the stronger vinegar found in store garden departments. To apply, brush the solution onto the foliage and let it eat away the weed. Bonus: Vinegar will not endure in surrounding soil and water, reducing pollutants.

Remember: Mow, Mow, Mow Your Lawn

Most importantly, mow, and mow often. Those dandelion buggers need to be cut down with a sharp blade before the yellow blossoms can mature into seeds. Need help with this one? Order a MOWZ service to do the dirty work.

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