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Mow more frequently

More rain means that grass is growing at an increasing speed, which then requires it to be mowed more often. Luckily, PLOWZ & MOWZ can help take care of your lawn mowing all season long. Schedule as needed, or set up a recurring service and have one less thing to worry about!

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Avoid walking on the lawn

Grass can be easily damaged when it is walked on, because the blades from the roots can be easily teared which would create a rumpled look. Try to only walk on the lawn when it is dry.

If you can, try to fertilize your grass an hour before it rains

Fertilizer is only effective when it is brought into the root area of the grass. Rain can help do this, which is why it is prime-time to fertilize lawns right before it rains. If the weather isn’t cooperating, you can also set your sprinklers for after your fertilizer treatments!

Mow grass either right before it rains or a couple of days later

It is best for lawns to be mowed when dry since it is easier to get the correct height on the grass. Mowing dry grass will also help avoid clumping of grass clippings!