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When picking a lawn care service, you want the best quality, and a high attention to detail, when using Plowz & Mowz a 4-5 start provider will always be sent to fulfill your service. Plowz & Mowz also allows you to rate the services you received allowing you to make sure the quality is always consistent and top notch.When hiring lawn care service, you want to make sure they are near you and are familiar with the local needs of the Atlanta Georgia area. Plowz & Mowz uses providers that are near your area, who provider lawn care, lawn maintenance service and are familiar with needs for your lawn.Always make sure that the lawn care service you are hiring is professional and insured. All the lawn service companies that work with Plowz & Mowz are insured and have professional grade equipment. That means you will always receive top quality lawn care services and make sure that the maintenance is always the highest quality and consistent.When hiring lawn care services Atlanta Georgia, you want to make sure the services are easy to schedule and work around your schedule.  With Plowz & Mowz you can easily order as you need it on demand or recurring service is offered. This allows you to control the maintenance of your lawn by offering you weekly, bi-weekly or order as needed to make sure the services work with your schedule.When hiring lawn service Atlanta GA, you want to make sure that you can verify the work was done and to the quality you paid for. Let’s say you are out of town and you have scheduled your lawn care service to come out and service your lawn. How will you know if that service is complete? You won’t be home to verify if it was done let alone the quality. With Plowz & Mowz you can track the status of an order, you will receive email updates on the status of the job, and once the job is complete you will receive an email confirming the job is done and receive a picture of the completed job. This means no matter where you are you will be able to see the quality of the services provided from anywhere you are and make sure the maintenance of your lawn is being taken care of.


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  • “Lawn care service in Jacksonville, FL has never been easier with the Plowz & Mowz App. I order a lawn mow service when I need it and when I want it instantly!”

    Katie M – Property Manager, Jacksonville, FL

  • “MOWZ® is the most convenient app I’ve ever used. It gave me piece of mind knowing that my lawn would be taken care of while I went on vacation with my family. MOWZ® even sent me a picture of my beautiful finished lawn…while I was on the beach!”

    Martha M. Home Owner, New York

  • “We had just moved in and our yard was overgrown and covered in leaves. I set up an appointment, and with on about an hour, I had a team of lawn care professionals at my house working at a feverish pace. Way better than doing it myself.”

    Lewis K. Home Owner, Minnesota

  • “What a great app! Our family snow blower broke, so I needed a plow. We had just been hit with about 10 inches of snow. Plow driver was there in now time and did a great job.  I will definitely use again if needed. Thank you!”

    Matt E. Home Owner, Ohio

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