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  1. Introducing PLOWZ VIP

    PLOWZ VIP is here!

    How would you like to stay nice and warm this winter and never have to worry about what’s going on outside? PLOWZ VIP is an optimized recurring service program that PLOWZ & MOWZ has implemented using new state of the art technology. This exclusive service will monitor the snow in your driveway and automatically deploy a driver to remove your snow as soon as it gets too deep. With the help of our friends at Dark Sky, the most hyperlocal and accurate weather service, we’ll know exactly when and how much snow is in your driveway.

    Don’t wait!

    To make sure all PLOWZ VIP members have the best experience, we’re limiting the number of members that can join this season. Along with a recurring service, you’ll also get priority on routes so your driveway will essentially skip the line. We will find the closest 5-star provider and send them over as soon as possible to get you unburied! You get the absolute simplest and best snow plow service in the area, with no contracts, no hassle and no worries!

    Automatic, Hands-Free Snow Removal

    How will we know when to start warming up the trucks? Well, with Dark Sky, we are able monitor snowfall at a neighborhood level. All you have to do is just choose if you would like us to come every 4 or 6 inches, and we’ll take care of the rest. You will enter this information once upon sign up and never have to worry about it again. Along with the level of snow, you will let us know the maximum amount of PLOWZ services you would want to be done in a 24-hour span at your property in the case of heavy snowfall. All of this information can be altered at any time, but we are able to make this winter as hands-free as it gets!

    No Contracts, Big Savings

    Now the question that is on everyone’s mind… How much does all this cost? The PLOWZ VIP service is just $9.99/month. The card on file will automatically be charged $9.99 on the day you sign up and every 30 days after that. The charge for each PLOWZ service will be based on the driveway information you have chosen. In fact, signing up for PLOWZ VIP can save you up to 40% over a traditional plowing contract. You also have the ability to cancel your service before you are billed each month and you will not be charge for the next month. Similarly, if you’d just like to pause the service that is possible too and you still have the ability to place one time orders while your VIP service is off.

    Want more than a snow plow?

    That’s not all! 2017 will be forever known as the year of dry clothes. PLOWZ & MOWZ is now adding walkway shoveling as an add on to PLOWZ this season. No one likes coming into the house after shoveling for hours with wet, soggy clothes you have to set by the fire while you get the feeling back in your fingers and toes. Instead, let us freeze our butts off for you! In an attempt to cut down on frostbite, we are very excited to introduce the option to get any of your walkways (excluding sidewalks) shoveled this season. We’ll get you right to your front door so you can avoid that weird hop-run-dance you do through piles of snow because you, for some reason, think less snow will touch you that way…?



    Get your FREE quote or sign-up for PLOWZ VIP today!

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    In late September and throughout October and November, the green leaves on your trees start turning red, orange and brown. It’s a beautiful sight,  also they can be a tourist attraction in areas like the Catskill mountains of NY, the Berkshires in MA or the Great Smoky Mountains in NC or TN. For homeowners with trees in their yard, however, the sight of their leaves turning may be the beginning of a nightmare! Yard clean-up can be the hardest chore for most homeowners, but we’re here to help!


    When the leaves fall, they can completely cover your yard. A few leaves in the grass are no big deal, but too many leaves are unhealthy for your lawn. Along with your grass not getting enough oxygen, the leaves can block water and other nutrients. Leaves exposed to the cold snows of winter could possibly develop molds, which can spread to your grass. Depending on how many leaves are packed on top of your yard, they can even prevent new grass blades from growing in the spring.

    What’s more, if the leaves are not cleaned up quickly, your grass will be missing out on important fall sunshine. In northern US climates, the typical type of grass will be strengthening its roots for the winter. Keeping a lawn clear of leaves in the fall will help ensure your lawn is healthy going into the winter, giving it a much better chance to thrive in the spring.


    Now that you know why leaves left on the lawn is bad for your yard’s health, you need to figure out how to deal with the leaves. This is the nightmare for most homeowners. Raking leaves is hard. Depending on how many trees are on your property, and how large your yard is, the process can take over an entire weekend. If you’re keeping up with the leaves falling, then you may even have to rake multiple times. For an average sized home, that could be three weekends every fall dedicated to manual labor in the name of a healthy lawn.

    Did we mention that raking leaves is hard? Raking is a very repetitive motion, and while leaves are light on their own, they get heavier as you add to the pile. That’s assuming the lawn is already clean and there hasn’t been any rain. Wet leaves are much heavier, and much more of a pain to deal with than dry leaves.

    One option to make things easier is a leaf blower. While this will certainly cut down on the time needed for your fall clean up, it doesn’t always make it easier. First, this equipment can be quite expensive. A cheaper leaf will cost around $100, with the better (faster, stronger) models costing many times more. On top of the cost, the equipment can be very heavy. You will be carrying around an extra 10-20 pounds, and with a larger yard, that can be just as taxing as raking.


    A better option is to hire a residential fall clean up service. These services will remove the leaves from your lawn for you. Because they provide yard clean up services regularly, they have the proper equipment and crews ready to handle this tough outdoor chore. You will have the opportunity to tell the companies where you want the leaves to be removed to. Typically, your neighborhood will have rules about leaving leaves at the curb for pick up. If you would rather compost the leaves, you can note where you want the leaves left on your property. Sometimes, the best option is to have the leaves removed from the property all together. This is another benefit of a leaf removal service, as the cost of dumping the leaves legally is included.


    How to find the best yard clean-up and removal services near you? You can spend a lot of time researching local landscaping companies, calling around for someone with availability. Once you get a hold of one you might like, you can hope they show up as scheduled. After that, hope they do quality work. Alternatively, you can download the PLOWZ & MOWZ app or visit the PLOWZ & MOWZ website. Get a FREE quote instantly, and schedule a LEAVZ service on-demand. A highly rated, local leaf removal company will remove the leaves from your lawn surface, giving your lawn access to the sunlight and oxygen it needs. You’ll have updates directly from your phone, along with a customer support team dedicated to making your service go smoothly.

    Enjoy the sight of the leaves changing this year instead of dreading the hard yard clean-up work that comes along with it.



    We’ll clean up the leaves, so you can enjoy fall!


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  3. Labor Day 2017: How to Have an Amazing Labor Day

    Labor Day this year is Monday, September 4th, and while summer might be coming to an end, you still have one last weekend to celebrate. Here are some great ways to spend your last weekend of the summer.

    1. Go on a last minute trip

    Travel out of the country to Canada or the Caribbean, visit a place a couple of hours away from you, or travel to a local beach and finish your summer tan.

    On Vacation? 9 Safety Tips For Your Home

    2. Have a BBQ

    Celebrate the end of the summer by hosting a BBQ. Since it is a three-day weekend, you will have the time to spend on the meats and side dishes that will leave your guests drooling.


    3. Catch a baseball game

    If you haven’t caught a game yet this summer, now is the perfect chance to remedy this. You don’t have to go to a major league game either, minor league tickets are very inexpensive.

    4. Visit an amusement park

    Spend the day outside and on thrilling rides by going to your local amusement park.

    Via GIPHY

    5. Watch a Labor Day Parade

    Cap off the summer by viewing the last parade of the season! Check your local newspapers for the time and location of where your parade starts.

    6. Take part in the massive retail sales

    Some retailers claim that Labor Day have the best sales, second only to Black Friday. Get some shopping done this weekend and start adding to your fall wardrobe

    Via GIPHY

    7. Host a potluck

    Instead of making all the food, have your guests do it for you! Focus on creating fun decorations and playing exciting games with your friends and family.

    8. Spend some time outside

    Enjoy the good weather before it disappears by going hiking along some trails near you, or visit any lakes/beaches that are local.


    9. Volunteer

    Give back to your community by volunteering at local soup kitchens, hospitals, retirement communities, the local library, or any other community gathering spot.

    10. Give yourself the day off–completely

    Labor day is supposed to be a relaxing day for those who are currently working. Create a relaxing day for yourself by lessening your chores and pampering yourself. One chore you can eliminate could be mowing your lawn. By using the app PLOWZ & MOWZ you can have your lawn maintained so your can enjoy your Labor Day. You can get a free quote in under 60 seconds after answering some simple questions about your lawn. There aren’t any contracts that you need to sign and your lawn can be mowed as soon as the next day!


    Take a day off from lawn care, you deserve it!

    Start a MOWZ order!

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  4. On Vacation? 9 Safety Tips For Your Home

    On Vacation?

    9 Tips to Keep Your House Safe

    Every summer, millions of Americans decide to leave their home and travel, which makes summer the unofficial vacation season. Due to the increase in vacations, there is also an increase in home burglaries, since the empty houses are very enticing to the burglars. To prevent your house from falling victim to a burglary while you’re out having the time of your life on vacation, follow these helpful tips to keep your house as safe as possible. 


    1. Lock all doors and windows before leaving for vacation.

    This seems pretty obvious, but make sure nobody can get into the house without a key during your vacation, and that there are no openings in the windows.


    2. Make sure anything valuable in your house cannot be seen from any windows.

    Robbers window shop too. Since a house with valuable items in the window probably has more valuable items inside, that house is more likely to be targeted. Try to hide everything that you don’t want to appeal to the robber that would make them want to break into your house.

    3. Have your lawn mowed during your vacation. You can do this by scheduling in advance using the Plowz & Mowz app!

    If you’re gone a while, make sure your grass stays in tip top shape! (A mowed lawn also makes it look like someone’s home). You can schedule a mow in advance (or on the beach!) with the app. You will receive a free quote in under a minute, all you have to do is answer a couple of basic questions about your lawn. No contracts are required either!

    4. Have some timers on lights and the television so it looks like you’re home.

    If a house is completely dark, this is an obvious sign that nobody is home which, as you can probably guess, is very appealing to the robbers. Trick the robbers who prey on houses when nobody is home into thinking your house is occupied by having a timer on your lights so that they will go on at a specific time every day while you’re on vacation.

    5. Try not to post too much about your vacation on social media.

    This can give thieves a clue that you aren’t home. As sad as it might be, some of the people you’re “friends” with on social media might end up trying to take advantage of your empty house. Friends seeing you away on Facebook might become thieves knowing you’re away. Save the vacation pictures for when you return!


    Via GIPHY

    6. If you normally keep the blinds open, leave them open.

    Again, just like with the lights, act like people are home. It would be strange if you normally leave the blinds open to have them closed, and it would be another sign that the house is empty and you are on vacation.

    7. While it might seem like a good idea, don’t leave a message on your answering machine stating you’re on vacation.

    Just like with the posting on social media, by announcing that you are not home on your answering machine gives the burglars a huge heads up that house is empty.


    8. Remove any spare keys you have lying around outside.

    Since you went through all of the effort in locking the doors and windows to your house, why would you want to make it easy for the robbers to break in? Hence, make sure that the only people who can get into the house are the ones you gave the key to. 

    9. Hold your mail at the post office and stop the newspaper delivery during your vacation.

    Probably you aren’t home if there is a pile of either outside, consequently thieves will notice and target your home.


    Via GIPHY



    Let us mow so you can spend time on the fun stuff, like enjoying your vacation!

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    Happy International Beer Day!











  5. Happy International Beer Day!

    12 Interesting Beer Facts

    August 4th is International Beer, so to celebrate here are 12 fun facts about beer! And remember: don’t operate heavy machinery when drinking. If you need your lawn mowed, use the Plowz & Mowz app, and we’ll send someone to mow your lawn for you so you can enjoy all the beer in the world.

    1. Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world

    Archeologists uncovered beer residue on ceramic vessels that date back to 3400 B.C.E. in the Middle East. This was also where barley based beer was first made. Most ancient beers were made with dates, olive oil and finally mandrake. Although popular now, brewers only started using hops in the Middle Ages.

    2. There is a fear of an empty glass

    Many bar patrons experience cenosillicaphobia throughout the course of night out. If you have this fear, please see your local bartender for a refill!

    3. Beer is the third most popular drink in the world

    Water obviously ranks first, with tea coming in second. Beer is also the most popular alcoholic drink in the world.

    4. The most expensive beer is “Vieille Bon Secours” which is from Belgium

    Vieille Bon Secours is brewed by Caulier and the 12-lire bottle costs over $1000. While even for just a pint you will have to pay around $50. People who have tasted this beer have described it as having some toffee, caramel, and citric flavors

    5. The strongest beer in the world is “Snake Venom” made by Brewmeister

    This Scottish beer has 67.5% ABV. In contrast, a normal beer has about 5% ABV. It is made with champagne yeast, smoked peat malt, and finally ale yeast. Adventurous drinkers can taste this beer in the UK. At as much as $77 per 330 mL, it is definitely on the pricey side.

    6. The largest beer festival in the world is Oktoberfest

    Oktoberfest is held every year in Munich, Germany, and runs for 16-18 days. More than six million people come from all over the world to drink large quantities of Oktoberfest beer and to eat traditional foods like Wurstl (sausages), Brezen (soft pretzels), and Reiberdatschi (potato pancakes).

    beer day

    Via GIPHY

    7. Beer helps get rid of kidney stones

    According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, a bottle of beer a day reduces the risk by about 40%. Beer forces the kidney to get rid of the stones, due to the amount of liquid in the body increasing, which is why beer is considered to be a diuretic (which means it increases the amount of urine produced).

    8. The largest craft brewery in America is Yuengling

    Yuengling is also considered to be the oldest brewing company in the United States. It has been immensely popular on the East Coast since 1829. German immigrant David Gottieb Jungling founded this brewery. The business has stayed in the family too, currently a fifth-generation family member operates the brewery.

    international beer day

    9. The state that drinks the most beer is North Dakota

    Every resident drinks around 43.6 gallons of beer a year. Utah ranks as the state that drinks the least amount of beer a year, as much as around 20.2 gallons per capita a year. This is probably due to the fact that there is a large population of Mormons in the sate.

    10. There are around 400 types of beer in the world

    The country with the most individual beer brands is Belgium. Trappist monks are brewing the most popular beer there, Chimay, also brewed in Hainaut, Belgium.

    types of beer

    11. Snow is the best selling beer in the world

    It is a Chinese brand and sells for 49¢ a bottle. China is also the world’s top producer of beer, which makes sense since they are home to 1.35 billion potential beer customers. Every year they make around 47 million kiloliters of beer which is more than double what the US makes.

    12. Not only does beer help reduce kidney stones, it also helps strengthen bones

    Beer is rich in silicon which helps increase minerals and calcium deposits for bone tissue. Surprisingly, moderate beer drinking can even help fight against osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones to become fine and brittle which can lead to painful breaks.

    uses of beerVia GIPHY


    Drink responsibly, let a Pro mow while you grab a beer!

    lawn mowing service

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  6. Amazon Alexa Skill for Voice Controlled Lawn Mowing Service

    The Amazon Alexa skill for PLOWZ & MOWZ is here!

    PLOWZ & MOWZ is already the easiest way to take control of your most burdensome outdoor home chores. Now, with the Alexa Echo device, it’s even easier! Order a local, professional landscaper to mow your lawn using only your voice!

    What is Amazon’s Alexa?

    Alexa is the name of Amazon’s voice activated artificial intelligence assistant. Using the Amazon Echo or the Echo Dot, you can control bluetooth enabled devices by asking Alexa to do certain things. This popular device has a growing number of apps, called “skills” added all the time, and now PLOWZ & MOWZ has their own!


    Why use Amazon Alexa?

    The benefits of using Amazon Alexa are centered around ease of use. These devices are like little personal assistants living right in your home. Now you can control the parts of your smart home with only your voice. With the proper equipment, also control everything from your living room lights to your thermometer.

    Imagine saying “Hi Alexa, turn on my living room light,” and watching the room light up without lifting a finger. It’s even easier than using a smart phone in some cases! Amazon’s Alexa provides a lot of entertainment, as well. You can ask Alexa any questions, and she’ll probably come up with the answer! Alexa plays DJ, and takes music requests. Furthermore, connect wirelessly to your bluetooth speakers, and Alexa will control the party for you. Catch up on news in the morning, and ask Alexa how the weather’s going to be when you’re getting ready. The possibilities are endless!

    How to use Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa devices activate when you say Alexa. While Alexa devices are smart on their own, you will need to add “skills” for some of your favorite apps. When you set-up your Alexa device, you will also download the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. Then you’ll download new skills to your device, which will allow you to give Alexa new commands.

    First of all, download the PLOWZ & MOWZ skill on your Amazon Alexa app. Next you’ll be asked to link your PLOWZ & MOWZ account to your Echo device. Then say, “Alexa, ask plowz and mowz to mow my lawn.” Alexa will guide you through your order, and then you can continue relaxing!



    How Amazon Alexa will help you mow your lawn

    amazon alexa app lawn mow

    By asking Alexa to have PLOWZ & MOWZ mow your lawn, you’ll be getting a professional lawn mow as soon as the next day. All of this without lifting a finger. Compare this process to getting some gasoline, taking the lawn mower out of the shed, filling the tank, hoping it starts, pushing the mower back and forth for over 30 minutes in the hot sun, and finally trying to shove the mower back in your shed. With Amazon Alexa and the PLOWZ & MOWZ skill, all you have to do is open your mouth and ask! Whether you are busy with work or kids, or if you just want to relax or take a vacation, PLOWZ & MOWZ will take care of your lawn.


    Enable the PLOWZ & MOWZ skill today! >>

  7. Home Selling: How to Keep Your Home Show-Ready

    Home Selling: How to Keep Your Home Show-Ready

    It takes weeks, sometimes months, to prepare a home for sale. Once you have it perfectly clean, you know it is practically impossible to keep it that way. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier to maintain a home’s organization, and quickly get it back into order before a home showing. Use this checklist to get ideas for what you need to do.

    1. Curb Appeal Check

    Since the property’s exterior is the first thing buyers see as they arrive, it should be the first aspect you confirm is in great condition. You have already painted and revised the landscaping, so all you should have to do now is keep it in good shape.

    Make sure that the lawn is trimmed properly and that the driveway and walkways are clear of cut grass and debris. A poorly maintained lawn can really turn away prospective buyers. Rake and remove leaves, if you are selling a home in fall. Hiring a weekly mowing service will help you to keep on top of this task, particularly if you have vacated the home while you sell it.

    2. Systematic Organization

    The trick to keeping your interior as spotlessly clean as it was the day you listed it is to avoid making messes as much as possible. When you complete your staging, take pictures on your phone so you know how it is supposed to look. Make checklists for every room so that each night, you can return the room to its original condition. Offer the kids incentives to clean up their toys or equipment as soon as they are done using them. This approach to systematic organization will stop clutter from creeping back into the space, and cut down on the panicked cleaning right before a showing.

    3. Spot Cleaning

    There will be a few things that are unavoidable, that you will have to clean up right before each individual showing. There might not be enough time for a thorough cleaning of each room, but hopefully each space is already clean enough that you only need to do the last-minute touches each time. Create a cleaning caddy that is easy to carry to every room for cleaning. Be sure to wipe down counters, mirrors and windows, especially areas that get a lot of hand or foot traffic. If you have pets, toss in a lint roller to pull pet hair off couches and other sitting areas. Sweep and vacuum the floors, and then put all cleaning products away.

    4. Odor Inspection

    One of the worst things you could forget about is the scents coming from the home. It might not be the stench of old fish, but even just a stuffy room can turn buyers away. Ask a friend to come through your home and point out weird smells in any room. If a room is not ventilated as well as the rest of the home, consider opening a window for a short time to allow fresh air to come in. Avoid cooking foods with heavy odors that linger, or using harsh cleansers that give off a lot of fumes. You can add a scent diffuser to cover up some odors, but you should keep it mild. Strong scents, even the good ones, tell buyers that there is something you are trying to hide.

    No one wants to show a home that looked nothing like the listing pictures. If you want to impress buyers and demonstrate that you are true to your word, you will follow this checklist to keep your home ready for showings at any time. By preserving a generally clean home and doing a systematic inspection before each showing, you will present a tidier home.

    The easiest way to keep your lawn show-ready? PLOWZ & MOWZ!

    With PLOWZ & MOWZ on-demand lawn mowing service, you can keep your lawn looking great right up until the sale! There are no contracts, so whether the selling process happens quickly or takes a few months, you can start and stop at anytime.

    Maybe you want to get fancy with garden sculptures, lawn ornaments and garden decor. While you add to your lawn decoration, let the Pros mow for you. It will save you a lot of time each week while you make sure your home is ready for sale!

    MOWZ order button

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  8. 12 Mind-Blowing Lawn Facts

    12 Mind-Blowing Lawn Facts

    Your lawn is amazing. We’re willing to bet you didn’t know a number of these facts about grass, lawn maintenance and your lawn!

    1. There are three different types of grass

    These three include Cyperaceae (Bullrushes, Sedges), Juncaceae (Rushes), and Poaceae (Grasses). While you’ll find all three types throughout the world, Poaceae is the grass typically found in yards in the United States. Remember this fact, and win your next grass themed trivia night!

    2. Pink Flamingos are the most popular lawn decoration sold

    Shops in the US sell around 250,000 of these pink lawn ornaments each year! Don Featherstone first designed these flamingos in 1957 and they rose to popularity in the 1980s. You can purchase a plastic pink flamingo for your lawn online, and they sell for around $15 a set. In addition to giving your lawn a little character, pink on green is a great color combo!


    3. Grasslands make up over 20% of vegetation that covers Earth

    Grasslands dominate both tropical and temperate areas. Types grasslands include prairies, savannas, steppes, and pampas. Grasslands can also be found on every continent in the world. Compared to trees, grass might not be the most popular ecological cause, but many scientists still work to preserve these areas!

    4. Grass can be found in bread, whiskey, and beer

    We commonly think of grass as only what’s in our yard, but wheat grass and barley are also types of grass. Breweries and bakers alike use the grains from these types of grass to produce some of our favorite products. Think about that while standing on your freshly mowed lawn with a beer in hand!


    5. Grass is one of the oldest living organisms that humans have discovered

    What’s older than grass? Not much according to scientists that found one species of grass of sea grass that dates back to 200,000 years ago. Researches know this species from the Mediterranean Sea to be one of the oldest organisms in the world, at least of the ones discovered so far!

    6. Grass is essential to many sports, like golf, tennis, and cricket  

    Tennis is home to the most expensive lawn in the world, and that’s the Centre Court at Wimbledon in England. Even though players only use this court during the two weeks in July when the championship is going on, the club spends a lot on lawn care. Compared to the All England Lawn Tennis Club, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a well maintained lawn. Instead, just use PLOWZ & MOWZ!


    7. The average lawn has millions of grass plants

    A lawn fills around six grass plants per square inch. Since the average lawn size is about one-fifth of an acre, this means there is over 1.2 million square inches in a yard and over seven million grass plants in that yard. Imagine how many grass plants there are on a golf course, where there is an average of 74 acres!

    8. By using a push-mower you can actually burn calories

    A 150-pound man can burn around 380 calories in 30 minutes! Since a Krispy Kreme donut is 350 calories, you can burn off breakfast with a quarter acre mow. If you’d rather take a trip to the gym to burn those calories off, let a professional landscaper take care of your lawn.  


    9. Water makes up 75-80% of the weight in grass

    Around 90% of the weight of grass comes from the roots. Also, the roots where most of the growth occurs. Due to this fact, grass continues to grow even after a cut. The roots are safe from a mow, so the grass keeps growing! The more you know, the more you grow!

    10. In the summer about 238 gallons of water is used watering lawn per household.

    About 66% of all water use in each household comes from watering the lawn. Depending on the weather during the summer, this number can vary. With lots of cloudy days, the amount of water per yard will be very low (around 10 gallons per yard). However, very hot and dry summers can cause lawns to use close to 125 gallons!

    11. Turfgrass can increase a home’s property value by around 15-20%

    Homeowners spend a lot of money to install turf. Despite the initial cost, turf has the ability to increase your property value. In addition to higher property values, turf also requires low lawn maintenance. If you want the turf to increase your house value, then make sure to install the turf alongside a well-designed landscape.

    12. About 65,000 people are hospitalized per year with lawn-mowing related injuries

    People will injure themselves in various ways, including, lacerations, fractures, and burns. Scary stuff. Rather than taking a trip to the hospital, let the Pros at PLOWZ & MOWZ mow for you!



    Treat lawn your lawn like the wonder it is, let PLOWZ & MOWZ help with your lawn care!

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  9. Zoysia Grass Lawn Care and Maintenance

    Zoysia Grass

    Zoysia Grass Lawn

    What is Zoysia grass?

    Zoysia is a genus of “creeping” grasses. This type of grass grows in temperate climates throughout the world, especially in parts of Asia an Australia, but is also very popular for golf fairways and greens.

    Why are we talking about Zoysia grass?

    Zoysia is a popular choice for lawn grass in the United States, especially for temperate climates. Those are ones that don’t get too cold in the winter, like Florida. Since this type of grass is technically an invasive species, it will crowd your lawn to the point that little to no weeds will be able to survive. This will obviously save time and money on weed treatments, but be careful as this also means they might creep into your neighbor’s lawn!

    Zoysia Grass Care

    To plant Zoysia grass, you may use sod, grass sprigs or zoysia grass seeds, depending on what type you are using. Check with your local gardening store for which type will work best for you. With cooler temperatures, Zoysia grass can turn from green to brown quickly. If you can handle the color change, you’ll have a resilient lawn, as the perennial grass will grow back thick and strong once temperatures increase in the spring. Zoysia grass maintenance is easy, since it retains water well and doesn’t need to be watered too often. It can stay green even during short droughts, so you may save a lot on lawn care with this grass. While it grows best in the sunlight, Zoysia grass can tolerate low levels of shade, which adds to the resiliency of this type of lawn.

    Zeon Zoysia Grass Golf

    Zoysia Grass Maintenance

    Plant Zoysia grass in the spring, and over-seed if you can. One of the few maintenance tips for this relatively maintenance free lawn is to de-thatch often. Since the zoysia grass will grow very thick and dense, there can be a lot of organic build up that may damage the underlying soil.

    Aeration and de-thatching are two landscaping services that you should plan on using with this type of lawn. Also, because of the density of Zoysia grass, you can mow the lawn a little shorter. Your local landscaper will know best, but an average of 1.5 to 2.5 inches is typically recommended. Due to the invasive nature of Zoysia grass, your lawn will have to have deep edging done periodically. The grass will take over the neighborhood otherwise. As popular as this type of lawn might be, you might not be popular with your neighbors if it replaces their own well-maintained lawn.

    Lawn Care Tips

    While Zoysia grass can be easier to maintain and might not need to be mowed quite as often, there’s a few lawn care tips that transfer to this type of lawn. When mowing, don’t cut too much at one time. Try not to cut more than 1/3 of the current length at once. Especially with Zoysia grass that already may have thatch problems, cutting too much at once could lead to grass clippings. Normally a few clippings are healthy for a lawn. Too many clippings will choke out the healthy grass though.

    When it’s hot, you can leave the grass a little higher. This will help keep the lawn from stressing out too much and turning brown prematurely. You should check with a weed control expert for your specific needs, but since Zoysia grass naturally keeps weeds at bay, you may not need to apply weed treatment very often. In some cases, weed treatment may actually harm your Zoysia grass lawn. Fertilizer can also be applied moderately once the grass has grown to maturity. In most cases, the Zoysia grass will grow well on it’s own.

    Zoysia Grass planting


    If you live in a transition climate or a warmer southern climate, Zoysia grass may be the lawn you are looking for.


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  10. 4th of July Fun Lawn Games

    4th of July Fun Lawn Games



    The best summer holiday is almost upon us, and in preparation for all the cookouts and parties, here are some great patriotic-themed fun lawn games that are perfect for all ages! Don’t let this anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence pass you by without playing at least one of these fun games with your friends and family. And if you’re the house stuck throwing the party and cookout this year, there’s no better way to entertain and impress by having a few creative game stations set up across the yard in this fourth of July US Independence day.


    Red, White, and Blue Tag

    A twist on an instant classic! Each competitor receives either a red, blue, or white token. In order to win, a player needs to collect a token in each color and they do this by tagging the people who have the different colored tokens. It is also a great way to get out and exercise this 4th of July Independence Day!

    Baseball Game

    What’s more patriotic than participating in America’s favorite pastime? I’ll tell you what… Nothing! Divide your guests up into two different teams and use outdoor pillows as the different bases. Don’t have a bat or ball? Kickball can also be an equally fun alternative that gets everyone up and moving!

    USA Baseball 4th of July 2017Via GIPHY

    Fourth of July Bingo

    No, Bingo is not just for elderly people in retirement homes. This is a perfect DIY game for this 4th of July! Just create your own America-themed board by using construction paper and stickers. Maybe even throw in some patriotic prizes up for grabs too!

    Independence Day Costume Contest

    Who says Halloween is the only holiday you can dress up for? Challenge all your guests to come in their best patriotic costumes and give prizes to those who are the most accurate and creative. You’ll be surprised by what people come up with!

    Fourth of July Costume Contest 2017Via GIPHY

    Capture the American Flag

    Just like the popular game, capture the flag, but one flag is blue and the other is red giving a patriotic element to the game. You can also push the patriotic theme even further by separating teams by red, white or blue T-shirts.

    Pin the Hat on Uncle Sam

    Again, another variation on a classic game, but instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, guests pin the hat on Uncle Sam. Blindfold your guest, spin each player around 3 times, make sure there is no peaking, and let the game begin! Your guests will commend you on your creativity and have a blast with this bigger target.

    Uncle Sam Fourth of July 2017

    Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger hunts aren’t just for Easter eggs. Give guests creative clues to find all the mini versions of liberty bells, soldiers, flags, declaration of independence’s, and other patriotic items you hid before their arrival. Reward the player who finds the most with a patriotic prize!

    American history trivia contest

    Perfect for the history buffs out there (yes, there is always a few in every group)! Set up a creative game that quizzes people to see who actually knows American history. You may be embarrassed by the answer! 

    Patriotic Corn Hole

    The game taking the nation by storm now comes in American themed varieties. Many people even build their own! Corn hole is a 4-player bean bag toss game that is sure to entertain everyone at your cookout for hours. 

    American Corn Hole Fourth of July 2017


    And if you’re traveling this holiday, don’t let your grass take over! Plowz & Mowz will take care of it while you’re gone. Let’s Celebrate the American Independence Day with full enthusiasim and make this fourth of July a memorable one.

    how to have an amazing fourth of july


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