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FAQ for Plowz Winter Packages – The Snow Plow Contract Replacement

Plowz & Mowz, Inc (Caribou Apps LLC) is happy to offer pre-paid, snow plowing packages that include discounts on each service. These packages are not contracts. You will receive credits in your Plowz & Mowz account equal to the amount of purchase. Those credits can be used on any Plowz & Mowz service within 24 months from date of purchase. Discounts will be automatically applied to services during the specified timeframe. Below are some frequently asked questions about the Plowz Winter Packages:


What is included in the Plowz Winter Packages?

  • • Plowz & Mowz credits equal to the amount of purchase.
  • • Automatically applied snow plowing discounts equal to the amount listed in the package.
  • • Automatically applied leaf removal discount equal to the amount listed in the package.

Will a snowplow job automatically order when there is snow?

No, you must place an order by visiting https://order.plowzandmowz.com or using the Plowz & Mowz App. When you place an order your credits will automatically apply to the order. You can schedule an order within our app for ASAP, Tomorrow AM or Tomorrow PM. This means you are only paying for services you need! 

Are sales tax and fees included with these packages?

Credits are applied after sales tax (where applicable), fees and discounts have been applied. 

How long after I place an order will my credits appear?

Credits will be available in your Plowz & Mowz account within 48 hours after purchase of the Plowz Winter Package. If credits are not available after 48 hours, please contact us at 1-800-489-8128 or by emailing us at [email protected]. You can also use the chat feature within our app.

Can I use my credits at multiple properties?

Yes, credits are applied to your account, where you can add and order for multiple properties. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

At checkout you can select a payment plan with Klarna or Affirm for low monthly payments. Please refer to their website for Terms & Conditions.

What if I don’t use all of the credits in my snow plow package?

You can use them for any other service offered within the Plowz & Mowz app. How awesome is that?

What if I have questions or there is an issue with my order?

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-489-8128 or by emailing us at [email protected]. You can also use the chat feature within our app.

Does Plowz and Mowz offer service in my area?

Please login to the app and enter your address to ensure we offer snow plow service within your market. You can also check availability on our website: https://order.plowzandmowz.com/snow-plowing

Can I use my credits for add-on services?

Yes, your credits will apply to the total price of your service. You can add services like shoveling or salting to your snow plow order. Your discounts will also apply to the total order. The number of services that are covered with your credits will depend on the prices of each service. 

How do the discounts work?

After purchasing the Plowz Winter Package, automatic discounts will be applied to your account. When you get quotes and place orders, you will see the discount already applied. 

How many services will my Plowz Winter Package cover?

When purchasing a package, you are purchasing credits and discounts, not any specific number of services. Due to the variability of many factors, quote and prices will also vary between services, customers and addresses. 

What happens when I run out of credits?

When your credits have been fully used, any remaining balance on the current order must be paid via credit/debit card. Your discounts will continue to be applied to future orders until the expiration date. 

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