Snow Plowing and Lawn Mowing Service in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Plowz and Mowz has a commitment to serve the city of Sterling Heights and its residents. The city has been very welcoming to our company and we are excited for the chance to provide them with our on-demand services. Those services include lawn mowing and snow removal, both of which are accessible through the iPhone and Android OS compatible app, or online. Both lawn mowing and snow removal services can be ordered in a matter of seconds. Simply set a date, answer questions about the property and the app will assign a provider and send a picture when the job is done. That’s it.

Plowz&Mowz offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and has a US-based customer service team standing by for any questions, comments or concerns. The team is committed to offering the best possible experience for the people of Sterling Heights.

The team can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by email, phone or online chat.

Snow Removal in Sterling Heights, MI

When winter strikes and leaves driveways and walkways covered with snow, it is time to call the professionals. Plowing and shoveling all the snow by oneself can be tiring, time-consuming and risky. Postponing or neglecting the job can also be risky, as it leaves the area vulnerable to slips and falls. The plowers who work with Plowz&Mowz use commercial grade plowing equipment that, along with their years of experience, allows them to clear the snow safety and efficiently.

A plow can be scheduled at anytime and from anywhere from a computer, smartphone or tablet—as long as it has access to either the iTunes or Google Play stores. Whether traveling for work or for fun, it’s no fun to come home to a driveway buried in a few feet of snow. Order a plow from wherever. Once the driveway has been cleared, a photo of the snow-free driveway will be sent as a confirmation of the completed job. Payments are made securely via credit card. If there are any questions, complaints or concerns, a Plowz&Mowz representative can be reached 24/7.

PLOWZ & MOWZ can also be ordered for friends and family. If there is any concern of how a family member or close friend is dealing with the seasons’ snowfall, ordering a professional to take care of the snow for them is a perfect way to help out and much easier, quicker and less tiring then making the trip over with a shovel and snowplow. The app allows a plow to be ordered for anyone from anywhere, so if that loved one happens to live across the country Plowz&Mowz is the perfect way to lend a helping hand. Best of all, it features a weather forecast that can help request a plow in advance.

The Plowz & Mowz service helps homeowners keep their outdoor areas clean and safe, all through the year. It’s convenient and guaranteed. Plowz&Mowz offers a 100% money back guarantee and assures client satisfaction.

Lawn Care Made Easy in Sterling Heights, MI

Similar to plowing, Sterling Heights lawn care is as easy as taping on your phone. Plowz&Mowz offers residents the convenience getting their lawn mowed by placing a Mowz request on any App Store or Google Play supported device or online. Place an order anytime from anywhere and, after picking a date and answering a few basic questions about the property, the order will be assigned to a Mowz provider. These providers are insured, experienced and equipped. They will show up on the requested date mow the lawn, trim along the edges and blow clippings from any hard surfaces. Before leaving, they’ll snap a picture and send it to the client through the app to confirm the job was completed.

Once the picture goes through, the payment is made securely using credit card. There are no hidden costs and will be charged according to the size of the lawn. This makes Plowz&Mowz the ideal solution for people who may not be home when they request their mow. If there are any questions, concerns or complaints, once again, there is 24/7 support available to guarantee the customer complete satisfaction.

Just like with plowing, ordering a Mowz is a perfect way to save family and friends from the burden of lawn care. If that family or fiend lives in Sterling Heights, an order for their property can be placed from anywhere in the world—once again, the weather feature in the app allows far away users to gauge when and how often mowing is required.