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Getting your yard and home ready for the winter is a process Syracuse residents dread doing every fall. One of the areas some overlook is preparing the sprinklers and the lines that run under your lawn back to the system control box.

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Prepare your Sprinkler System for Winter

Most people with in-ground lawn irrigation systems use a professional to get their sprinklers blown out before the first freeze of the fall/winter. Once water freezes inside the lines, sprinkler heads or the rest of the system, it can be mayhem trying to clear them out before they burst.


Why should I winterize my sprinklers?

When the cold air of winter comes, anything above the frost line is in jeopardy of freezing. This is why most states have laws and regulations behind the depth water lines need to be at. These do not apply to your sprinkler system. If there’s still water left in your sprinkler lines or heads, that water will freeze as the temperature falls and expand. This expansion will cause the lines top burst, can break the sprinkler heads and even damage the system controls. Save the expensive cost of replacing your entire system in the spring (not to mention tearing up you lawn) and invest in preparing the sprinklers in your yard for winter.

About Our Sprinkler Blowout Services

Our landscaping partners in your area will clear your sprinkler lines of water to ready them for the freezing winter temperatures. They do this by disconnecting the water to the system and forcing the remaining water out by blowing air through the lines.

How Our Sprinkler
Winterization Service Works:

Order a sprinkler blowout service to prepare your sprinklers for the winter season. Sprinkler system winterization blows out existing water, which can freeze and expand, causing lines or sprinkler heads to burst and damage the entire sprinkler system. Our network of local Syracuse landscapers will come to your home and make sure your sprinkler heads, lines, and system are ready for the upcoming winter.


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