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Lawn Care Services Tampa FL

Fast and easy lawn maintenance in Tampa FL. We find all the best local lawn care professionals so you don’t have to! Our lawn care services Tampa bay Florida are all on-demand, no contracts required. You choose the schedule and we keep your lawn looking great whenever you need it.

Order fast. Get a free quote for lawn mowing services in under 60 seconds. There’s no need to call around and hope your landscaper sticks to their quote and shows up when needed. With Plowz & Mowz you choose your schedule and you have access to multiple companies. If one landscaper has equipment trouble, we are already in contact with a replacement to keep your lawn freshly cut.

Professional lawn services

The professional landscapers that use our app are among the highest rated near your area. They use the best commercial equipment so your residential lawn will look professional grade. They are also some of the most experienced in the landscaping industry.

Each mow through our service can be rated by the customers. Only the top-rated landscaping professionals continue to use the app. You can always be sure to have a quality lawn mow each time your order. If you love the work one landscaper does, then that landscaper will come each time. If they aren’t available one week, your lawn won’t suffer because another great landscaper is ready to go.

We have great customer support along with each order. We take care to keep the lawn maintenance on schedule so you don’t have to worry. You get updated when a lawn care professional has been assigned to your order. You get an update when the landscaper is on their way. You even get a photo when they are done in case you aren’t home.

Tampa FL Quality lawn care

If there are any issues with the quality of the lawn mow, our customer service team is there for you. We work with you and the lawn care service to resolve the issues quickly and efficiently. If a landscaper cannot make it on the scheduled day, that is not your worry. We will find a replacement to keep your lawn freshly cut.

Each lawn mowing service in Tampa FL includes a professionally mowed lawn. Your landscaper will also trim the edges of your lawn with a weed-eater. To make sure they leave your lawn looking clean, they will also blow the grass clippings off the sidewalks and driveway.

On-demand lawn maintenance

Your lawn maintenance on your schedule. Plowz & Mowz brings your professional lawn care on-demand. The service is perfect for a freshly mowed lawn before a party this weekend. You can order with a push of a button and your lawn will be mowed as soon as tomorrow. To get the free quote, all you need to do is answer a few questions about your lawn.