If you would like to become a PLOWZ™, MOWZ™ or LEAVZ™ professional provider, please fill out and submit the form below. Signing up with us is absolutely free! and one of the easiest ways you can manage and grow your business.

  • The top PLOWZ™ snow plowing providers make over $2000 during a storm.
  • The top MOWZ™ lawn mowing providers earn an extra $920 a week.
  • The top LEAVZ™ leaf raking and removal providers make an extra $1545 a week.
  • Sign up in under 5 minutes.
  • Provider’s get paid in 24 hours. Free GPS Fleet Management included!
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    More Jobs

    You keep operating your business as usual. We’ll send you additional jobs that get requested in your area. You’re free to accept or pass on jobs based on how busy you are.

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    24 Hour Payment

    Every job you complete through PLOWZ & MOWZ™ gets you paid by next business day. No more sending out invoices, tracking them down, or waiting until the end of the season to get paid.

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    Fleet Management

    Document every job, get paid faster, & monitor your entire fleet out in the field. Dispatch from a central location to your crew and enjoy our FREE GPS tracking service.

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    We take care of all the marketing and advertising for PLOWZ & MOWZ™. You get to focus your time and energy on what you do best – Plow & Mow!

What Our Providers Say

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    “As a subcontractor for PLOWZ & MOWZ™ we have been very satisfied with their prompt payment and customer service. A text or phone call is always answered instantly and they go out of their way to make sure we have what we need to get the job done. I would highly recommend the app for any contractor looking to add additional plowing or mowing income to their existing routes.”

    – Syracuse Lightscapes

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    “MOWZ™, you have created a wonderful app for us contractors! EZ4U Services would like to thank you for doing what you do! The communication between MOWZ™ and the contractor to get the job done couldn’t get any smoother! Thank you!”

    – EZ4U Services, Rochester NY

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    It was a long night but, it felt great to put the plow to work last night in cuse. Had a blast plowing and helping people in need. Thanks for the opportunity to put my equipment to good use and to make great money. If you plow and aren't using plowz and mowz your leaving money on the table. I definitely would recommend plowz and mowz to anyone looking to make extra money plowing or mowing. Their support and customer service is outstanding. Im glad to be a service provider trough this great app. Thanks again guys!

    - Justin Rice

  • Adding LEAVZ™ services to my business in the fall and spring brings a huge boost to my bottom line. It's great getting these jobs without having to send out flyers and waste time quoting potential customers who might not buy the service. The app makes billing simple and they have a great customer support team.

    - Jeff W., Minneapolis

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Enter your mobile phone number above to begin the enrollment. After you submit the sign-up form, a customer service representative will contact you to complete the process.

What requirements are there for signing up as a PLOWZ & MOWZ™ provider?

1. An iPhone or Android phone

2. A minimum of $1,000,000 in General Liability insurance

3. Professional grade equipment

How do I begin accepting jobs?

After you’ve completed the on-boarding process and downloaded the app, one of our reps will make your account live and you can login.

If you’re ready to work right away, we’ll add some jobs in your queue to get you started. Every time a new job is available in your area we’ll send you a push notification (keep notifications on). Most jobs are first-come-first-serve.

All accepted jobs will show up in your active queue. On the date of the job, read the notes, job details and crush it out. If there are any issues with scheduling let us know and we’ll work it out for you.

Some jobs stick with you if you get a good rating, so always do your best.

Note: Multiple people may try to pick up a job at the same time only one will get it. Do not proceed to a job until it is in your active jobs queue.

How long do I have to complete a job?

When a customer requests service, they select the day they want the job completed. Our partners have until the end of that day to complete the job.

*Note: Your jobs must be completed on the date requested. If there’s an issue of inclement weather, please contact us so we can notify the customer.

How do I learn about jobs in my area?

Jobs in your area will begin appearing in your app as they are requested by customers. When a customer places an order in your area, you will receive a notification on your phone through the app.

*Note: The jobs you see are based on the radius or zip codes you specify during sign up

Why am I not seeing any available jobs?

1. All of the jobs in your area have been claimed

2. Your radius is too small

3. Your phone needs to be reset

How do I get paid?

We offer direct deposit for your convenience. Payments are made within 48 hours of the job’s completion.

Where do I download the provider app?

Download the Plowz and Mowz for Landscapers app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Once we’ve received your enrollment form and insurance information, we will activate your account and enable your app’s functionality.

What do I do if a customer’s lawn or driveway doesn’t match the description?

If you feel that the property has been misrepresented, please take a picture of the lawn or driveway and contact us. We will reach out to the customer to discuss a price adjustment. Do not begin work on the property until a price adjustment has been negotiated with the customer.

Can I sign up to offer multiple services?

Yes! You can sign up for as many services as you would like. Just indicate what services you want to offer during enrollment, and ensure your equipment is sufficient for each service.

What is PlowzTalk?

Communicate with your fleet, as well as directly to the Plowz & Mowz support staff with PlowzTalk – A push-to-talk communication service available exclusively to Plowz & Mowz partners. Sign up to learn more!

PLOWZ® Provider Team

(800) 489 – 8128
[email protected]

PLOWZ® will only accept plow providers with commercial grade equipment and general liability insurance.

Company Contacts
Phone: (800) 489 8128 x2

Inquiries: h[email protected]
PR: [email protected]
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