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Hire a gardening pro in Atlanta

Request one of our professional and insured partners in Atlanta to remove weeds, install plants, or prune away dead or dying flowers, and they will send you a photo of a job well done.


Don’t get your hands dirty

Flower beds, vegetable gardens, shrubs, and landscaping trees can make the outside of your home look beautiful! However, they require a lot of time and energy to install and maintain. In our mission to create beautiful landscapes for all homes, while easing the burden of maintaining those landscapes, PLOWZ & MOWZ is introducing an hourly gardening service. Now, homeowners and property managers can easily and quickly hire a professional gardener to install or maintain their flower beds or lawns.

Your weed cleanup partners

Weed removal is one of the most highly requested services from homeowners. Many weeds are unsightly, and they grow by taking precious resources (e.g. sun, soil nutrients, water) from the flowers, grass and plants that you actually want to grow. Removing those weeds first requires you to identify the unwanted weeds, since they can often blend in to look like plants you might want early on. Once identified, the weeds need to be pulled from the roots. Weeds can dig in very well, making them difficult to remove. Even when they are removed from the root, they will often re-grow, especially if there is still bare soil for them to occupy. This means weed removal isn’t typically a one-time job. Regular maintenance will keep the weeds at bay, while adding weed barriers, more plants, and mulch can help keep them suppressed.

How Our On-Demand
Gardening Service Works

Ready to get started improving and maintaining your landscapes? It’s easy! First, make sure your PLOWZ & MOWZ app is up to date by checking your app store. Then, once you login, choose Gardening Services on the dashboard. Next, describe what kind of service you need. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the gardener to complete your task. We also encourage you to upload any photos you have of the areas that need work. These photos will help the gardener come prepared and ensure they are taking care of the correct plants. Gardening is an hourly service, so you’ll be hiring a gardener for a set amount of time. One thing to note, is that we go by “man-hours” here. If you choose an hour worth of time, you may have one gardener working for an hour, or two gardeners working for 30 minutes. We know estimating how long your project will take a pro can be difficult. If you overestimate the amount of time needed, we will be able to refund a portion of the service. If you underestimate the time, we will reach out to get your approval on adding extra time.


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