Order LEAVZ to have your property cleared of leaves anytime, anywhere

  • Leave fall cleanup to professionals
  • Simple, safe and fully guaranteed
  • On demand, no contract needed


  • Order LEAVZ from anywhere
  • Leaf removal service includes lawn mowing
  • No haggling or payments in-person

Our fleet will clear leaves from your lawn, clear off any hard surfaces, and send you a photo of a job well done!


  • Commercial-grade equipment
  • General liability insurance
  • Minimum 4/5 star landscapers

Save time and save money with on-demand leaf removal

  • Free, customized quote in seconds
  • Live, real-time updates
  • Photo of a job well done


  • “MOWZ® is the most convenient app I’ve ever used. It gave me piece of mind knowing that my lawn would be taken care of while I went on vacation with my family. MOWZ® even sent me a picture of my beautiful finished lawn…while I was on the beach!”

    Martha M. Home Owner, New York

  • “We had just moved in and our yard was overgrown and covered in leaves. I set up an appointment, and with on about an hour, I had a team of lawn care professionals at my house working at a feverish pace. Way better than doing it myself.”

    Lewis K. Home Owner, Minnesota

  • “What a great app! Our family snow blower broke, so I needed a plow. We had just been hit with about 10 inches of snow. Plow driver was there in now time and did a great job.  I will definitely use again if needed. Thank you!”

    Matt E. Home Owner, Ohio